Channa Mereya: Ginni to forgive Rajvant?

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Star Bharat’s show Channa Mereya is gearing up with an interesting drama with Aditya refuses to let Ginni meet Rajvant but the latter meets Rajvant without Aditya’s knowledge. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will Aditya learn Ginni met Rajvant? What will be the reaction of Aditya when he learns Ginni met Rajvant?

In the previous episode we had seen that Aditya goes near Kushwant’s photo and put the ring under it then left the Grewal’s house silently. Both Amber and Shailaja asked Aditya what Ginni told him and the latter informed that Ginni wanted them to confess their deeds to the world so that everyone could able to understand her father’s talent also it was the justice she could give to her father which shocked everyone.

Amber worried about their reputation and business loss which angered Aditya so he lashed out at Amber. Akash calmed down an angry Aditya also assured him that Ginni would definitely return. The next day Ginni decided to go to police station to file a complaint against the Singh’s which Gulraj opposed it as she worried about her safety. Ginni assured then left the home.

Gulraj got an idea after she saw the newspaper so she called someone and seeked that person’s help. Aditya informed Rajvant that Ginni refused to accept their offer also forgive them which made Rajvant upset about it. Shailaja switched on the television and everyone got shocked seeing one of the news channel was publishing the news about Singh’s involvement in stealing Kushwant’s diary to create an empire of their own.

They all got shocked when they saw a mob who chanted against Rajvant and Amber. Aditya tried to stop them meawhile other family members also joined him to stop those people. Rajvant arrived outside after so much difficulty. A man from the group of people goes and throws ink at him which shocked the Singh’s.

Ginni who saw this all in a news also got shocked seeing this. The Singh’s took Rajvant to hospital. Meanwhile Ginni shared her worry about Rajvant’s health to Gulraj but the latter revealed her it was her who informed the media everything to get justice for Kushwant.

Ginni got shocked. Gulraj further asked her to join them to temple where she wanted to thank god for their first win against the Singh’s which stunned Ginni.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Ginni will meet Rajvant and find him struggling to breath. She will notice the oxygen mask tube is removed so she will decide to put it in its place just then the Singh’s will enter the room.

Shailaja will accuse Ginni for trying to kill Rajvant. Later Aditya will shout at Ginni and ask her to leave saying he don’t want to have any kind of relationship with her. Ginni will get hurt and looks on with tear filled eyes.

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