Channa Mereya Weekly Update: Amber plans to kill Mrs.Randhawa.

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This week Channa Mereya started with Aditya helped Ginni to get rid off the masala from her eyes. He then scolded her and instructed her to clean her eyes. Ginni refused saying she was used to it. She then taught Aditya how to prepare masala with the grindstone. Aditya followed her instructions and once the masala was made he praised the masala has authentic smell.

Ginni left the kitchen when she received a call from Mrs.Randhawa. She enquired her about her father’s diary and business partner. Amber got worried overhearing Ginni’s conversation with Mrs.Randhawa. Mrs.Randhawa assured Ginni she will try to gather information about her father’s diary and business partner and then let her know.

Amber acted in front of Ginni which lead Ginni to tell him about her father’s diary and business partner who she needed to find out so that she could able to save the dhaba.

Amber tried to manipulate Ginni to gave up to in her search for the diary and business partner of her father. Ginni informed Amber she won’t back away until she got to know about her father’s business partner or found her father’s diary. Amber got irked but he asked her to take his help if she needed his help.

Ginni agreed. Amber decided to do anything in his power to stop Ginni from learning the truth. Aditya mocked at Ginni when the latter refused to have brandy as medicine for her cold which lead Ginni to have that drink.

Later Ginni does a sensual dance in the rain infront of Aditya and Aditya got mesmerized seeing Ginni’s dance. He then took her in his arms to their room. Ginni woke up in the morning and saw her clothes were changed also recalled Aditya took her to their room in his arms.

Aditya came out of the washroom but ignored her and decided to get ready. Ginni suspected something happened between her and Aditya so she questioned him but the latter refused to tell her anything which lead Ginni to blame Aditya. Aditya called her crazy and left the room annoyed.

Ginni learned it’s Shailaja who changed her clothes and regret for doubting on Aditya. Meawhile Aditya learned through Marleen’s video clips Ginni played a huge role in his reunion with Akash. He went and confronted Ginni the same. Ginni answered him back that she did what she felt right and no one can stop her from doing this.

Aditya held her hands and they both shared an eyelock. Ginni fooled Aditya and made him lose his grip on her hand. Aditya’s uncle praised Aditya for his stand for Akash. Aditya told him he would have done this to anyone who was in Aditya’s place because he don’t want anything wrong happened to anyone.

Aditya’s uncle praised Ginni for her efforts and called Aditya a lucky one. Aditya became determined to return Ginni’s favor. Ginni got surprised when Aditya gave her an expensive necklace and asked to consider this as whatever she wants as she had done so much for him and his family.

Ginni returned the necklace to Aditya and said she dont want anything in return for what she had done to him also if he wanted to make her or anyone happy he should learn on his own what bring real happiness to that person.

Aditya got confused by Ginni’s outburst. Ginni and Akash bumped into each other. Akash saw Ginni’s change in behavior which he pointed out at her and asked her not to never change herself from being good.

In the Grewal’s house Simran lashed out at Shampy and Dimpy for bringing customers by giving them false hope which lead an huge argument between Gulraj and Simran. Gulraj warned both Goldie and Simran. She then asked her family members to not to tell anything about their dhaba’s current state to Ginni.

She then went to meet Ginni. Ginni told Gulraj about the conversation she had with Mrs.Randhawa. Gulraj got emotional and told Ginni her father’s supposed business partner was responsible for his death. Ginni promised to find who it was.

Amber decided to burn the diary so that there won’t be any proof for Ginni to reach him. Ginni got shocked seeing Kushwant’s diary in Amber’s hand. Amber hide it behind the sweet box the diary and lied to her it was her just illusion but Ginni denied it.

Amber advised her to take proper rest. He then shocked learning the sweet boxes were sent to the temple so he got worried and furious. Ginni recalled the conversation she had with her father when she was a kid and cried hard. Aditya got shocked seeing Ginni’s state so he went to her and pleaded him to tell her what’s wrong.

Ginni refused to tell him saying the one who considered everything as business won’t understand anything. Aditya grow frustrated and tried to make her confess the reason behind her cries but failed at it. But Aditya refused to let Ginni leave the room without knowing the reason and hold her hand firmly.

Aditya refused to let Ginni leave until she tells him what made her upset but the latter taunted him and refused to tell him anything. But Aditya refused to give up and constantly persuaded her.

Ginni laughed at Aditya when the bucket full of flour fell on him also saved him fall to the ground. Ginni requested Mrs.Randhawa to meet her in the dhaba which Amber overheard and get determined to find who it was agreed to help Ginni.

Gulraj got angry at Simran and Goldie for trying to change their dhaba’s uniqueness by planning to provide new dishes to cover the interest of the customer’s. She then warned both Simran and Goldie to not to say anything about this to Ginni after Mrs.Randhawa informed her Ginni was on her way.

Simran used Gulraj’s helpless situation and made her agreed to let them stay in the house. Ginni arrived at the dhaba and got emotional seeing it’s state. Mrs.Randhawa shared with Ginni and Gulraj about Kushwant who introduced his business partner to her.

She also made a promised to Ginni and Gulraj to help them find the business partner of Kushwant. Amber got shocking seeing Mrs.Randhawa and the promise she made to Ginni. He called a man harm the ladies. Ginni returned home wondering who her father’s business partner must be.

Amber questioned Ginni about where she went. He then suggested Ginni to ask him his help if she needed. Ginni told Amber that he indeed needed his help and the help was she wanted someone who can sketch a person’s face as per the instructions gave to him.

Amber got shocked by Ginni’s request. Amber send messages to his men to be ready on time to finish the work he had given to them the next day. Aditya entered the room and started taunting Amber which made worried the latter thinking Aditya might know his plans.

Aditya confronted Amber for planning to use Gurkeerat’s sketch for his business benefit. Amber asked Aditya to not to create a scene unnecessarily for a piece of paper which angered Aditya so he shouted at Amber. They both held each other’s shirt.

Ginni and Supreet tried to separate the father son duo from one another. Aditya lashed out at Ginni infront of Amber and Supreet. Supreet got shocked learning the truth of Aditya-Ginni’s relationship. She confronted Ginni about the same and advised her to do the right thing.

Amber got furious at Supreet for persuading him to go to Cheema’s house as they were invited the Singh’s. He asked Supreet to take Akash with him as he had important work the other day. Supreet obliged. Aditya get annoyed by Ginni’s constant persuasion to get his forgiveness.

He asked her not to annoy him like this and went to sleep. In the middle of the night Ginni got shocked finding Aditya wasn’t in the room. She called Armaan to enquire him about Aditya’s whereabouts. Armaan assured her Aditya must be fine also requested not to reach out Aditya because it was a most important day for Aditya.

The next day Ginni saw Gurkeerat’s sketch and learned Aditya’s determination to buy her dhaba at any cost. She got emotional. Armaan arrived there and informed her it was Gurkeerat’s birth anniversary. Ginni decided to do something for Aditya.

Later when Amber was waiting for Ginni and Mrs.Randhawa to execute his plan Ginni informed him the sudden change in plan as Mrs.Randhawa was busy and requested him to send the sketch artist to her dhaba in the evening.

Amber alerted his men about the sudden change in their plans. Aditya came to Ginni’s dhaba. He wished his mother a happy birthday and said to himself that he wished to fulfill Gurkeerat’s dream before her birth anniversary but he failed in it.

He determined to fulfill her dreams and decided to leave but Ginni arrived there and took him inside the dhaba. Aditya got surprised finding the dhaba is decorated. Grewal’s and Armaan came there playing a dhol. He got emotional when Ginni put the cake infront of him Gurkeerat’s birth anniversary cake.

He imagined his younger self with Gurkeerat. They both were playing and Aditya’s younger self and Gurkeerat cutting the cake. Aditya comes out of his imagination and cuts the cake with Ginni. Aditya fed Armaan a piece of cake.

He then shared the cake pieces to the Grewal’s. Gulraj praised Aditya. Aditya fed Ginni a piece of cake. He questioned Ginni the real reason behind the arrangements she made. Ginni informed him she wanted to see his happy on this day and thanked Armaan for letting her know today’s importance.

Ginni also shared Aditya her plan about inviting the Singh’s to dhaba to celebrate Gurkeerat’s birth anniversary which lead a huge argument between both of them infront of the Grewal’s. Amber got shocked when his men send him the photo of Aditya as their target so he rushed to stop his men.

Ginni got shocked seeing Amber’s men who were pointing gun at Aditya. She pushed Aditya away and took the bullet. Aditya got shocked when Ginni fell unconscious.

In the next week viewers will get to see that Aditya will take Ginni to the hospital. He will say that he will not let anything happen to Ginni. The doctor’s will take Ginni to the operation theatre to do the surgery. Aditya will wait outside the operation theatre.

He will enquire the doctor about Ginni’s health condition after the doctor come out of the operation theatre. The doctor will apologises to Aditya and the latter will get shocked.

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