Chashni: Who has kidnapped Chandni?

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Star Plus’s entertaining show Chahsni is giving viewers new drama every episode, while Roshni & Raunaq keeps planning to stop Chandni for marrying Raunaq, their plans keeps failing. Will Chandni get married to Raunaq?

In the previous episode Raunaq barged inside Chandni’s room in intoxicated state. Chandni remembered her memories with Raunaq and thought he was too good and had made her life picture perfect. Then she recalled how he was one who separated Roshni from Chandni.

Sumer questioned Roshni about differences between her and Chandni. Roshni said she realized for Chandni her principles are above life and relationships. Sumer told Roshni she should give one chance to Chandni because she will be common to their house as her daughter in law. Roshni thought there is no need to give chance as she won’t let the marriage happen.

Roshni told Raunaq that Chandni exchanged her drink with him so he got drunk instead of her. She questioned Raunaq about his reason for hatred towards Chandni. Raunaq told Chandni took away something every important from his life. Roshni asked him to do something to stop Chandni from coming to Mehendi function. Chandni got kidnapped on her way to parlor.

In the upcoming episodes we will see if Chandni can manage to reach safely to her Mehendi ceremony. Chandni will say she is marrying Raunaq only to get back Roshni. Raunaq will swap his place in altar with Manav.

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