Check out why Anurag killed Prerna in Kasauti Zindagai Kay?

Show Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 is one of the most talked shows because of its lead Anurag and Prerna along with the storyline of the show.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay2 is a reboot version of Ekta Kapoor’s show Kasauti Zindagi Kay and like its initial season the second season is hit too. Second season stars Parth Samthaan, Erica Fernandes, Karan Singh Grover and Aamna Sharif in the lead.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay tracks keep the audiences glue to their seat. And in the recent past drama was so high in the show that it made the fans to trend the show online.

It all started when Anurag regained his memory after quiet a fight with Viraj. Viraj accidentally fall down from the cliff after shooting Prerna. Anurag rushes Prerna to the hospital where she delivered a baby girl. Prerna got a double happiness after learning that Anurag has revived his memory too.

Audiences along with Anurag and Prerna were enjoying the moment. But the shocker came for the fans of the show seeing the shocking promo where Anurag was seen throwing Prerna down from the bridge.

No sooner the promo was released on the social media of the channel. Fans speculated different reasons why Anurag killed Prerna.

Hastag #AnuNePreKoKyonMaara trended online as fans of the show wasn’t able to believe that Anurag killed Prerna.

Well, the episode of the show witnessed the elaborated scenes of the promo. And show took the jump of 8 years again leaving the question behind AnuNePreKoKyonMaara.

Post leap Komolika and Anurag revealed why Anurag tried to kill Prerna. So without wasting for time quickly check out the real reason behind Anurag killing Prerna!

Komolika trapped Anurag and demanded him to throw Prerna out from their life:

Kasauti Zindagi kay recently took the leap of 8 years. Post leap the show open in London where Prerna was seen staying with Mr. Bajaj as his wife. Filled with rage Prerna still recalls the betrayal given by Anurag and thus decides to avenge him.

Meanwhile, fans of the shows learn that it was Komolika who blackmailed Anurag and demanded him to kill Prerna. In the flashback it was seen Komolika revealed to Anurag her real identity. She shows him her medical certificate. Anurag’s earth shaken learning Komolik’a truth.

Further, Komolika shows Anurag a video of Viraj and Prerna’s fight where the angle of the video taken seems that Prerna deliberately killed Viraj. She says to Anurag that if he will not throw Prerna out from their life than she will make sure that Prerna goes behind the bar in the murder case of Viraj.

Anurag gets trapped by Komolika and gets ready to the kill Prerna. He pushed Prerna down from the bridge much to her surprise. Ahead, Anurag reveals half-truth of the story. He reveals that to protect Prerna from Komolika’s wrath he took the drastic step and pushed her. Anurag mentioned that he already fitted his men inside the river for her rescue. Seeing Prerna Anurag thinks his men saved her. But it is still a mystery how Mr. Bajaj came for Prerna’s rescue?

So here is the real reason behind why Anurag killed Prerna.

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