Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15th January 2022 Written Update: Nupur agrees to help Hira amma to escape from prison

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chikoo thinking she has to make Nupur happy as she is looking sad then she asks Nupur if she wants her to leave the house like Tai. Nupur says never and she asks her to study saying she has some work and she thinks to tell Chikoo after knowing about her parents. Hira thinks you will help me Nupur and I will take revenge on you using that chance. Chikoo wishes all the best for Nupur’s work. Nupur wants to meet mother of Chikoo.

Savitri says what if Hira knows Chikoo’s parent. Tai says she don’t know anything so infirm inspector so this Chikoo can leave from our place. Milind says he will take police help. Kamini says it’s risky for them but Savitri says she will take her friend help. Police tortures Hira amma to extract the truth of Chikoo parents but she won’t reveal them. Nupur decides to help Hira amma and she leaves taking money. Mini sees Nupur leaving to station then thinks what she have do if Nupur finds the truth that she is not Payal.

Hira amma thinks to teach lesson to Nupur for informing to the police. Nupur comes to meet her but Hira amma denies to help her as she informed to Police. Chikoo prays Bappa to help Nupur and she tries to lit Diya but Mini stops her saying I won’t let it happen as Mom went to meet Nupur and you want everyone to know the truth. Rama tai asks which truth? Mini says she showed Aarti thali and investigates Tai against Chikoo. Rama Tai says wish Nupur finds your parents so we can send you out. Mini says we have to send her out as she is troubling us. Tai takes Mini with her. Chikoo prays Bappa to protect Nupur from Hira.

Nupur says I don’t know that my family members are taking the police help and they are against it but I took money to hire good lawyer for you. Hira amma says Lawyers can’t help me so make me flee from the Police station to get to know about Chikoo’s parents. Chikoo thinks Hira amma won’t reveal truth and she feels tensed for Nupur safety.

Nupur feels tensed. Hira amma says it’s fine even if you don’t help me. Nupur agrees to make her escape from prison. Nupur returns home. Chikoo questions why she went to meet Hira amma for her parents? Do you want me to go far from me? I want to stay with you as you’re like my Mom. Nupur says you will be more happy with your real mom. Chikoo thinks how to tell you’re my Mom.

Episode ends.
Precap – Hira amma kidnaps Nupur and reveals Mini isn’t their Payal. Nupur gets shocked.

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