Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 18th October 2021 Written Update: Nupur chooses to leave with Chikoo

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 18th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nupur attends Reema call and Reema thanks Nupur for sending them money and she asks why she send all her savings. Nupur says she wish to help more if she have more money. Reema says your sent money is enough and we are reconstructing the orphanage but you have only 20days to change Chikoo otherwise police may take her to juvenile home so all the best and will call you later.

Kamini brings Chikoo downstairs and says you’re thief for life. Nupur asks what happened? Why you’re shouting at her. Kamini asks her to check Chikoo bag. Nupur sees wine bottles in her bag. Kamini says she is stealing wine collection from Subodh room. Chikoo says I’m not stealing and I just want to keep Milind stay away from the wine. Kamini asks her to stop lying. Subodh asks where she hided remaining half bottles. Nupur asks Chikoo to tell that she is not at mistake. Aarav and Nirav says Chikoo was roaming like spy and we made her run. Milind remembers Chikoo searching his room than he asks where hided the bottles. Nupur asks you too.

Kamini says let’s search in her room. Chikoo denies than searches Chikoo room and finds wine bottles. Nupur asks them to give chance to Chikoo to explain her version. Kamini says Chikoo is bad affect to my kids and we won’t stay here if Chikoo stays at this place. Savitri asks Chikoo to leave from their home. Nupur asks them to think with their heart and request them to allow Chikoo to stay with them but they denies. Savitri asks her to take her out. Nupur says it’s Milind who have to decide and she asks Milind to say than Milind says Chikoo can’t stay at this home and she can stay in our outhouse. Nupur asks how can she stay alone. Milind asks Nupur to leave along with Chikoo to stay in outhouse as it’s your wish where you wanted to stay so decide. Nupur holds Chikoo hand. Milind says you choosed this kid over me again. Nupur says you’re doing wrong and I will see how many days you can see me at that place. Milind leaves saying he don’t care. Chikoo request Savitri but she dont listen.

Nupur packs her things in tears while reminscing her moments with Milind and Payal. Chikoo request Milind to open the door but he won’t. Nupur comes out removing her jewellery than she asks Chikoo to come than Chikoo runs to her and both of them hugs eachother in tears and left from home.

Kamini says it’s sad that Milind allowed them to stay at outhouse. Subodh says relax as they will go out after 20 days. Kamini says they have to be careful from keeping Chikoo and Nupur away from house and I will monitor their activities. Subodh says he will take care of Milind.

Nupur and Chikoo comes to outhouse. Chikoo Apologizes to Nupur than she asks why she stealed thise bottles. Chikoo tells her I don’t want to see your sadness that’s why I stealed them do I can keep Milind away from alcohol. Nupur hugs her by thanking her. Milind notice their hug from his room and he drinks heavily. Savitri tries to stop Milind but he won’t stop than she asks him to stop behaving like Chikoo. Milind breaks bottle and asks her to don’t take Chikoo name who ruined his life. Savitri leaves.

Nupur cleans room and sets the blanket so they can sleep. Nupur asks if she is hungry? Chikoo lies her saying No. Nupur thinks go get something to her but Chikoo tries to stop her. Nupur says I can’t make you sleep in hunger and she goes to her house to get the food. Chikoo prays god to take care of Nupur and Nupur enters to Milind place.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chikoo notices Nupur is unable to sleep because of her hunger than she goes to get food from Milind place and steals the food but Milind caughts her and scolds her for entering their place.

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