Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 19th October 2021 Written Update: Kamini insults Nupur when she asks for food

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 19th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nupur asks Vinod to give some food to Chikoo. Vinod goes to get food but Kamini stops Vinod and asks Nupur to beg her to get the food. Chikoo hears their conversation. Nupur asks Vinod to search in kitchen to get something. Kamini says she will get it and gives Nupur the left over food plate of Aarav and Nirav. Chikoo leaves. Nupur leaves saying Chikoo will understand it and she goes giving thst plate to Kamini and asks her to feed it to dogs like she wanted as I won’t give this food to my Chikoo..

Savitri cries infront of Bappa and asks him when thejr happiness will return. Subhodh says very soon everything will be fine and I will handle everything so don’t worry Aai. Savitri hugs him. Nupur returns to outhouse and apologize to her for not getting food. Chikoo in sleep mode says it’s best to have tiffin in the morning by staying hungry in the night. Chikoo notices Nupur is turning thsn she thinks Nupur might be hungry and she goes with her bag.

Chikoo notices Kamini having cake than she plans to show her Chikoogiri for worrying Nupur and making them stay in hunger. Chikoo shouts like cat. Kamini gets scared and turns to otherside. Chikoo tries to take food and Ksmini about to turn her side than she throws black powder in her eyes. Kamini leaves than Chikoo steals food items and about to leave but bottle fell down from her hand. Milind gears the voice and comes downstairs than he switches on lights. Chikoo about to leave but Milind caughts her and asks if she came to steal things. Kamini asks what’s in bag, you’re the one who throwed chilli powder in my eyes right.

Kamini drags bag than food items fell down. Subodh asks if she stealed food. Kamini says she is thief and it’s tough for us to escape from this kind of girl. Chikoo says I’m thief but you can’t think about others so it’s correct way. Milind asks won’t she know how to behave. Chikoo says I can’t see Nupur aunty in hunger and Kamini aunty behaved badly with Nupur aunty when she came to asks for food and she I’ll treated her. Milind asks his Mom to give food to Chikoo and it’s because we always give daan to people who asks it but I will never forgive you for behaving in badtameez way with elders and he asks Kamini and Subodh to come to study room saying he needs to talk with them.

Savitri throws Chikoo at Nupur and asks her to keep Chikoo away from our house and tonight I gave food but tomorrow onwards you have to arrange the food. Subodh asks Kamini to never let it happen. Kamini apologizes to Milind and tells him that Chikoo is telling fake stories and I won’t repeat my mistake too. Milind leaves asking them to take care of everything so no drama will happen at their place for next 24 hours as i need some peace. Nupur tells to Chikoo that stealing anything is wrong and we have to earn it. Chikoo asks if whatever Rangoli teached them is wrong. Nupur asks her to think which is correct.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chikoo earns money through her street performance and she gives that money to Nupur. Nupur tels her she respect her hard-earned money. Kamini tells to her husband that she will use Milind daughter to break his relationship with his wife.

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