Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 20th October 2021 Written Update: Nupur saves Chikoo from accusation

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 20th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nupur says you liked it right and you think I have a right on you and your love. Chikoo says yes and you mean Rangoli taught me wrong things. Nupur says you think of it and decide. Chikoo says she don’t know than Nupur asks her to take time to decide it. Chikoo dances happily and Nupur smiles seeing her than she makes Chikoo sleep in her lap and asks if she gets happiness by stealing things which she can get through Dancing. Chikoo stays silent than Nupur asks her to sleep. Nupur thinks it takes time for Chikoo to forget what Rangoli teached her and I won’t stop until I show right path to her. Chikoo thinks if Rangoli is wrong.

Kamini scolds her husband for his behaviour towards her infront of Milind. Subodh says it’s needed infront of Milind as he still have love for Nupur. Kamini says true we have to remove love of Nupur from Milind heart using their daughter. Both of them smiles.

Next day Nupur brings things to start their small kitchen and she asks Chikoo to wakeup than notices she is missing and thinks where she went. Chikoo prays god to help her to make her help Nupur aunty than she performs on the road to the song coming from car and She gets money than she sees it and thinks how can she help Nupur aunty with chillar and how can Nupur aunty arrange food arrangements alone and I didn’t get anything with my hardwork than she notices the purse on road and tries to take it but she stops remembering Nupur words than she runs and return wallet to the person who lost it but he accuses for stealing his wallet. Chikoo says I’m not thief and you’re misunderstanding me. Nupur searches for Chikoo.

Everyone in street accuses her by calling thief and they says they will get her arrested. Nupur stops them saying Chikoo is not thief. Chikoo says I didn’t steal anything and I just returned his purse to him and she hugs Nupur in tears. Nupur scolds the man for accusing Chikoo and warns that man that she will take him to police station than he leaves from that place. Nupur makes Chikoo sit smd asks why she cane out without informing her. Chikoo says I thought to help you to earn money with my performance but these people are calling me thief without my mistake. Nupur thinks it’s her first victory that Chikoo started changing.

Nupur asks how she got idea that she can earn through this way. Chikoo tells her how they used to earn in past than she gives coins to Nupur and thinks if Nupur aunty to get angry like Rangoli aunty seeing this money and she tells to Nupur that she will try more. Nupur says I will respect your earnings and she takes them with love. Chikoo hugs her and cries. Nupur wipes her tears than she asks her to promise her that she won’t do it anymore. Chikoo says it’s needed for us to get food and you’re strucked in problem because of ne. Nupur says it’s my responsibility so I will fulfill it and she thinks that she have to search work as her savings are over than she asks Chikoo if she helps to set the kitchen. Chikoo agrees than they goes to home and sets the kitchen by dancing happily than Nupur prepares food.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chikoo informs to Nupur that thry got event. Chikoo and Nupur performs in birthday event. Milind and his family too attends the party and Milind breaks his glass when some guy is forcing Nupur and Chikoo to dance.

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