Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 22nd October 2021 Written Update: Milind beats the person who misbehaves with Nupur

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 22nd October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Milind and Nupur gets stunned seeing eachother at venue. Pintiya asks Chikoo to dance as everyone are waiting for performance. Chikoo and Chikoo starts their performance. Savitri supports her son. Kamini says seems like Nupur will earn by performing in parties and it’s happened because of this Chikoo and how will everyone know if they finds about Nupur is Joshi parivar daughter innlaw, sorry for bringing you here Milind. Nupur asks Chikoo to not stop her dance. At party everyone started to realise she is Nupur Joshi. Milind gets drunk.

Kamini plans to ruin Nupur than she tells to Rashi that change song as it’s boring than Rashi asks Dj to play mass song. Chikoo and Nupur asks Dj to change the song as it’s not the one they can perform. Dj can’t listen than Drunkard man asks them to dance by throwing bottle at Nupur and hurts her. Milind beats that man for behaving wrongly with his wife. Nupur cries seeing them. Rashi asks Kamini how she planned to arrange Mandira marriage with Milind kind of men and she scolds Milind for spoiling her birthday and she asks him to get out from her birthday party. Guards takes out Milind.

Milind is imprisoned and other prisoners teases him. Nupur asjs Inspector how can they arrest Milnd. Inspector says he ruined Rashi’s property. Nupur says he beat that man to save me from that man so please release him. Inspector says I can’t do anything, get bail to release him. Nupur hugs Chikoo saying I don’t have money than how to release him. Savitri comes to Station with Lawyer. Milind confronts Prisoners for calling his wife as item. Inspector asks Milind to control his anger and tells him that he can leave as his Mom get him bail.

Savitri scolds Nupur for Milind life and she begs Nupur to leave his son alone and request her to leave from station. Milind comes out and he hugs his Mom. Savitri asks if he is fine. Milind stays silent than Savitri calls Subodh and tells him that they are returning to home. Nupur feels happy listening her words and she thanks Bappa for his help. Inspector tells to Milind that you and your wife loves eachother so much than why to think about others words. Milind asks if Nupur came. Inspector tells him yes. Savitri thanks Lawyer and sends him than Milind hugs his Mom after conveying her apology. Milind turns to see but Nupur hides from him. Milind leaves with his Mom in their car.

On the way Savitri tells to her son that his state is hurting her and Nupur is responsible for this state. Milind asks can they change topic. Savitri says Nupur may make us get struck in Tamasha if she do her in that way and I won’t let her do it anymore and thinks to take action against her. Chikoo asks Nupur if her wound is hurting. Nupur says her inner wounds are hurting her as I’m unable to take care of you and Milind. Chikoo comsiles her saying she is best.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kamini instigates Savitri against Nupur. Nupur comes to main house and tells them that she wants to organise one pooja for the last time for family happiness than I will leave with Chikoo from this place.

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