Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 24th September 2021 Written Update: Nupur saves Chikoo and Sulab from sewer hole

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 24th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chikoo and Sulab shouts for help. Nupur wakesup from sleep saying Payal than she sees Milind who’s sleeping on sofa and thinks when the differences raised between them than she notices the smoke and goes down where she notices dolls are burning. Kamini acts infront of her that she don’t know anything as she just kept them in other place as Savitri asked her to do it and she goes to get water to stop the fire.

Sulab blames Chikoo for their condition than they gets scared seeing rats in sewer hole. Nupur tries to stop the fire thannshe notices Payal doll in it. Kamini gets the water than she pours water in them. Sulab loses his conscious. Chikoo gets scared. Nupur thinks it’s sign of telling something is wrong.

Rangoli reaches to home and searches for Chikoo and Sulab than she sees Chikoo drawing and gets to know they went to snake lady with their wish. Chikoo gets scared seeing so many rats and thinks noone can save them from those rats and she tries to wakeup Sulab saying Rats has gone but he won’t gain consciousness and she promises him that she will save him and tries to comeout. Nupur reaches to Orphanage tensely. Guards asks what happened Mam. Nupur tensely says kids are in danger. Chikoo prays Bappa for strength than she comesout from sewer hole. Nupur sees her and asks if she is fine. Chikoo tells about Sulab and lost her consciousness. Nupur sends Guards to bring out Sulab.

Next day Chikoo wakesup and notices Nupur is infront of her than she asks if she kills her. Nupur says you came here by your wish. Chikoo says she wants to meet her friends and I will definitely save my friends from you so tell me where are they and if you locked them in room like us. Nupur says you can tell directly if you wants to meet them and she takes Chikoo to her friends room where they are playing happily. Nupur says your accusations are wring, did you saw how happy your friends. Chikoo says you may hypnotised them to kill them so leave us so we have to return to our Mummy. Nupur says your Mummy is bad and she is not your real Mom that’s why she was making you guys as thief’s. Chikoo says don’t talk anything against our Mom, as Rangoli is reason that we are alive.

Rangoli thinks I won’t accept the defeat and I will get my kids from that Snake lady by teaching her lesson. Chikoo says she will tell her friends everything that she is bad. Nupur says you can leave from here with your friends but stay here for 2days than you will realise this place is good and if you don’t like it than lets compete in dance and if you win in it than you can leave with your friends and if I win the competition than you have to stay here with your friends. Chikoo denies saying you can’t make me trap in your words and I’m leaving from here with my friends. Nupur looks on.

Savitri asks Milind to answer Nupur call but he won’t attend it saying their is nothing left to talk. Reema asks Nupur to talk with Milind directly once she reached to home. Chikoo and Sulab meets their friends. Flower asks if the good aunty brought them. Chikoo says she is bad aunty. Flower says no, she is goddess. Signal and Local to praises Nupur.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tanki says don’t talj bad about Nupur as she is goddess who came to help us. Chikoo says she is stealer of god and throws the Laddoos. Nupur asks why she is wasting them. Chikoo says she can’t trap her and agrees to her challenge. Nupur sings and makes kids sleep amd she sleeps hugging Chikoo.

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