Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 27th October 2021 Written Update: Milind persuades Savitri to allow Nupur to stay at their place for 5days

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 27th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mandira says your son is strucked in past so it’s tough for him to move on and she leaves from their place. Savitri asks Milind what’s he doing. Milind says Nupur still have 5days to stay. Kamini says Nupur told that she will leave tomorrow itself.  Milind says Nupur is unwell so she will stay. Savitri denies to allow her than Milind says it’s my decision that Nupur will stay in this place for 5days and I can’t make her leave in this state as she needs me. Nupur says she won’t stay. Milind says you will stay here that’s final and Mom, you gave me right to take decisions of business and home so respect your words and allow Nupur to stay here for 5days. His dad signs through his eyes that it’s good decision. Milind feels happy. Nupur asks where is Chikoo than she sees Chikoo and tells him that she will stay if he allows Chikoo. Milind gives permission to Chikoo than she comes inside and joins Nupur and Milind.

Milind takes Nupur to her room and tells her that we are getting divorced that doesn’t mean I can leave you alone. Nupur says I know that you’re mahaan but I don’t need your help so leave me. Chikoo says Nupur aunty have big eyes like sherni. Milind says anger is visible in her eyes. Nupur says asks him to see his Mom eyes to know what’s anger. Chikoo says I can’t take care of you Nupur aunty if you fell unconcious but Milind uncle can handle you like hero. Sanjay goes medicine and luggage to them. Milind makes Nupur have her tablets thsn he leaves saying tomorrow he will call Doctor and I’m not asking you, it’s just information. Chikoo imitates his style.

Savitri comes to Nupur room and says I didn’t expected that you’re this kind of woman who makes my son trap in your plan and your value reduced in my eyes. Nupur feels dizzy. Chikoo says it’s enough Dadi as your words are making her more sick. Savitri says stop it and Nupur you’re going to face problems in upcoming 5days so let’s ready to face it as it’s going to be tough for you.

Nupur tells to Chikoo that they have to learn to live according to their state so let’s eat this bread. Milind comes with breakfast and asks her to have it. Nupur says she will leave after having bread. Milind says eat it than you can get the strength to fight with me and you can’t leave from here until Doctor gave permission stating you’re fine. Nupur says I can’t take food from this house as I realised it when I came to asks food for Chikoo and your Mom may scold us if she saw this so leave from here taking this food than she hears someone calling her. Nupur tries to walk but she about to fell down but Milind saves her on time than She asks Chikoo to help her. Chikoo tells to Milind that his wife is stubborn and takes Nupur downstairs. Milind gets busy in call.

Nupur meets her parents. They asks how she got injured. Nupur asks how they come suddenly. Her parents says your Mom in law called us, don’t you know why she dalled us? Is everything fine. Nupur asks him them to sit than they notices Nupur is having high fever and asks her to rest. Savitri says Nupur knows how to take rest by ruining others peace. Kamini asks them to have breakfast but Naresh says they can’t have at their daughters Sasural. Savitri says you daughter is divorcing Milind for some Basti girl so she is guest to us for 4days, won’t your daughter inform you anything. Abha asks who’s that kid and questions why she is doing it. Kamini tells them Chikoo is kid. Nupur says I will explain you later but their is no mistake of Chikoo in it. Savitri says true it’s not mistake of Chikoo and don’t know why I accepted you and you acted like searching Payal to hide your mistakes and you decided to divorce my son for Chikoo. Chikoo feels bad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shashi sees pendant in Chikoo neck and realises she is their Chikoo and he tries to tell her something but he can’t.

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