Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 7th February 2022 Written Update: Nupur confronts Sameer for hiding Chikoo

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 7th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nupur calling Mini as Chikoo to pass the hairclip and she Apologies to her realizing her mistake. Mini says I know you’re missing her and I want to become like Chikoo but failing. Nupur says don’t need to become like Chikoo as I like the way you’re but
I’m remembering Chikoo to reduce my guilt as im shameful for hurting Chikoo.

Mini asks what if they hurt unintentionally. Nupur says we have to do something to rectify our mistake when we realise our mistake otherwise it’s wrong. Joshi’s goes to Sameer place. Tai signs Kamini. Kamini asks Nupur to get the sweet Box. Nupur goes inside the car then Kamini locks her in car and asks her to stay there until they returns. Nupur tries to open the lock.

Sameer and Pushpa welcome them. Deepu tells where is Archie because of whom I agreed to this marriage. Kamini tells Tai that she trained well. Pushpa asks Gajak to call Archie. Sameer says she will come once things will work out as he doesn’t want his kid to meet random people. Tai agrees. Sameer says your profile is good but I want to asks you if you like kids. Deepu thinks she hates kids then she tells him I enquired about Archie by coming here as I love kids and you can asks Mini how much I pamper her and she is an orphan too. Nupur feels suffocated and shouts for help.

Tai tells Deepu loves kids and she used to treat her dolls also like children. Sameer says kids are different from dolls and parenting is tough as kids have mood swings. Deepu tells she will prove that she is best. Sameer asks why she wants to become Mom of 10 years baby when she is young. Deepu thinks she loves luxurious life and she tells him that she is committed and shows them the tattoo of Archie’s name on her hand. Pushpa asks what’s the nerd of it. Deepu tells she regards Archie as her daughter. Pushpa tells She likes Deepu and now I’m not feared of step mother.

Deepu says aspersions can be cast on any relationship except the woman who shares kids as a mother and child are bound only by love and care. Kamini thinks she copied Nupur’s line. Pushpa asks Sameer to agree for the alliance. Sameer says Archie is my priority so I agree with this alliance as she is accepting Archie as her daughter. Tai congratulates Pushpa and asks when they can plan engagement.

Nupur feels dizzy in the car. Chikoo opens the door. Nupur feels happy seeing her. Chikoo asks if she is fine. Nupur hugs Chikoo in happiness and she gets tears. Chikoo asks her to don’t cry. Nupur tells sorry Chikoo and you don’t know how much I searched for you. Tai asks Pushpa to have hug. Nupur comes there with Chikoo. Chikoo says Dad. Everyone gets shocked. Nupur holds collar of Sameer and confronts him why he hid her daughter by lying to her.

Pushpa asks what’s she saying. Savitri says she is our Chikoo and how she came to your house. Pushpa says she is my granddaughter Archie and we are not hiding her as we take her to the concert. Nupur says they are lying. Pushpa asks them to see the photos. Nupur says anyone create photos and my heart is telling she is our Chikoo and she asks Chikoo to tell everyone that she is Chikoo.

Chikoo takes her hand from Nupur and she hugs Sameer and tells she is Archie kethan daughter of Sameer and I’m not Chikoo aunty. Pushpa says hope this evidence is enough for you and she asks Gajak to get the birth certificate and she shows that file to them. Pushpa asks if they want to prove it at hospital and police station. Tai says no need as Nupur lost her mental balance. Nupur says I’m not mad and they are making us mad. Kamini says she is saying that she is Archie then why you’re forcing her. Nupur says I know you’re upset with me Chikoo for sending you to boarding school but sorry and I promise you to never repeat such mistakes and she asks Chikoo to come with her. Chikoo feels scared.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sameer says he broke his promise. Pushpa says you’re lying to them as you’re helpless. Nupur prays to god for answer. Chikoo tells them she knows Nupur.

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