Chithi 10th May 2022 Written Update: Yazhini agrees for marriage.

Chithi 10th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin and Venba coming to temple. Kavin is crying hard to save his mother’s life and asks him to do something to save her. He’s even ready to sacrifice his life for her. Venba sees him crying and consoles him. Kavin is scared but Venba asks him to not lose hope. Venba reminds him of his plan to call Yazhini and speak with her. He is about to call her. Yazhini is with Parvati and asks if Kavin found out about the cheque issue. Parvati narrates whatever happened. Yazhini gets Kavin’s call who calls her to raja Rajeshwari temple. Yazhini gets excited and immediately agrees. She picks Parvati with he and asks her to watch them hiding.

Kavin and Venba are waiting for Yazhini. Kavin asks Venba to hide for sometime as she would get angry seeing her. Yazhini comes to temple and makes Parvati wait outside the temple. Parvati still follows her and watches her hiding. Yazhini is really happy to meet Kavin and expresses it to him. Kavin recalls their old times and says that he cares for her. He says that it’s elders who put wrong ideas in her mind about their marriage which is why everything gone wrong. Yazhini asks what’s he trying to say. Kavin asks her to forget her love for him and get married to someone. Yazhini asks how could he ask her to do so as she was loving him for 20 years. She says when he can’t forget his love for few years with Venba how can he expect her to forget her 20 years love.

Kavin calls Venba outside and says it all happened in the past and he could’ve considered if safe said it before. He says that now he’s married to Venba and they are together. He says there’s no way for her to marry him. Yazhini says she’ll only get married to him and asks him to continue his affair with Venba after his marriage with her. Kavin slaps her in fury. He says about Mallika having brain tumor and that she refusing to get her surgery done without her getting married. Yazhini gets heartbroken hearing it. Gowri and Dharma appears too and explains the situation to her. Yazhini says till a certain time of her age she believed Mallika is her mother as she has brought her up with so much care. She says she’ll get married for her to save her life. Everyone sighs in relief.

Parvati and Yazhini are in car and Parvati asks where they are leaving. Yazhini doesn’t answer even after her asking many times. Parvati asks her to stop the car as her mindset is not good. A crying Yazhini gets down from car and Parvati scolds her for agreeing for marriage. Yazhini asks didn’t she hear her what they said. Parvati asks how can she sacrifice her love of 20 years just like that and tries to change her heart. Yazhini says she only agreed to for marriage for her aunt to do the surgery but it was doesn’t mean she’ll stop loving Kavin.

Parvati gets confused and asks what’s she saying. Yazhini says she’ll wait till her aunt gets the surgery. She says that she’ll drink poison before getting on stage during her marriage. She says everyone will understand her love only after that and leaves. Parvati thinks she there’s going to be lots of drama in upcoming days. Yazhini confronts Mallika about her brain tumor and asks why didn’t she say it to her before. She says that she felt like dying upon knowing about it. Mallika gets emotional.