Chithi 10th November 2020 Written Update: Yazhini rebukes Gowri for insulting Saradha

Chithi 10th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saradha entering the wedding venue along with her family. Gowri and Mallika notice Saradha. Gowri recalls Saradha warning her inside the lift. She asks Mallika why Saradha has come to the function. Mallika instigates Gowri narrating all the happenings. Gowri stops Saradha asking why she has come one day before marriage.

She adds it’s her family function and they invited their family members only. Saradha says Yazhini invited them. Gowri says she’s Yazhini’s mom and she is asking them to go back. She accuses Saradha saying she used the opportunity of her being at the hospital and took Yazhini’s mom’s place in her daughter’s engagement. She insults Saradha saying she has come with family for food. Deeba comes for Saradha’s support giving befitting reply to Gowri. Saradha repeats that she has come for Yazhini.

Gowri asks what’s her relation with Yazhini. She has fasted for her and questions if Yazhini is her daughter. Kalai says Yazhini pleaded Chithi to fast for her. Anbu says to go and question Yazhini and warns Gowri not to insult his Chithi. Gowri calls Saradha’s sons as goons. Saradha asks not to speak anything against her sons. Venba, Deeba, Kalai and Anbu take Saradha from there saying they can’t see her getting insulted.

Yazhini runs to Saradha calling her ‘Amma’. She requests Saradha holding her hand to stay. Yazhini says to Gowri and Mallika she has invited them and they have no rights to send her guest back. Gowri asks if she’s her mom or Saradha and starts insulting Saradha. Yazhini reprimands Gowri. Yazhini says Saradha treated her as her daughter and did so much for her. She asks Gowri why she has changed, her happiness doesn’t matter for her.

She apologizes to Saradha and pleads her to stay. Saradha says her family was angry that she didn’t give back when her mom insulted her, but she defended her. When Gowri tries to stop Yazhini, the latter says Saradha is also a mother for her and takes her inside. Gowri looks on angrily. Kavin thinks Yazhini is doing like this for Venba to stay in the wedding Venue and thinks he will be always grateful for her help.

Yazhini again apologizes to Saradha for her mom’s behavior. Yazhini worries what if someone insults her again when she will be standing on the stage. She requests Saradha not to go before Kavin ties the knot with her. Saradha assures she will not leave this place until her marriage rituals complete. Kavin signs Sevandhi that he wants to talk to her.

Kavin tells to Sevandhi that thankfully Yazhini stopped Saradha. Sevandhi says what if Yazhini gets to know about his plan. Kavin says Yazhini knows everything including he’s loving Venba and he’s plan to go to London taking Venba. Sevandhi asks how. Kavin says he has written everything in a letter and gave it to her. He asks Sevandhi to bring Venba somehow.

Yazhini calls everyone to have food, but they all hesitate remembering their insults. As Yazhini keeps requesting them, Saradha asks her family members to have food. Just then Yazhini’s friends come and call her. Saradha asks Yazhini to go and welcome her friends first.

The episode ends.