Chithi 11th May 2022 Written Update: Mallika pretends to be ill.

Chithi 11th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts Yazhini asking Mallika why did she hide such a big thing from her. She says that she was shattered upon knowing about her illness and also says that she can’t lose her at Any cost. She says that Kavin spoke with her and told about her not getting surgery due to her marriage. She asks her not to worry about it as she already agreed for marriage. She says she just wants her health and nothing else. Mallika says that she knows about Kavin speaking with her ad well as her agreeing for the marriage. She also adds that she knows about her another plan of consuming poison before marriage.

Yazhini gets confused. Mallika laughs and asks if she can really get brain tumor. Yazhini asks what’s she saying. Mallika shows her some tablets. She says that when they keep chewing the tablet then they would vomit blood. She says that she used it to fool everyone and made them believe that she has brain tumor. Yazhini is still confused and asks why would she act to get her married to someone else. Mallika says that her marriage would get fixed with anyone but before marriage the groom will run away. She says about her plan to convince Kavin to tie the thaali to her and Venba willow herself take it and give it to Kavin. Yazhini gets happy hearing it and hugs Mallika.

Natraj and Venba are waiting for someone and Kavin asks to whom they are waiting. Natraj says that he has called a broker who is a matchmaker for high society people. He says that he has called upon him ti find a prospective groom for Yazhini. The broker comes and Natraj greets him. Kavin and Venba warmly welcomes him and he blesses them. Natraj asks hin to show the photos but broker says he has updated himself. He says he has links of groom’s video and they can select checking it out. Venba asks them to wait as another important person have to join.

Gowri comes there and Venba says they can’t decide Yazhini’s groom without her mother. Soon Dharma comes and Kavin gives the same reason. They start checking out the profile picture and they liked a groom named Kaniyan poongundren. Broker speaks with his parents and asks Yazhini’s parents to mail him Yazhini’s biodata with picture. Broker leaves getting paid. Parvati notices it all and decides to inform it to Yazhini seeing their happiness.

Subbu invites them for food. Everyone are having food when Dharma starts coughing suddenly. Venba gives him aster when Gowri says that someone is thinking about him. She predicts it to be his daughter but Dharma blurts out that their daughter Venba is here. He then manages the situation saying that Venba is taking care of them like his elder daughter and so said so. Gowri gifts Venba a locket which had her and Dharma’s picture. She says she bought it for Yazhini but now wants to give it to her and ties it around her neck. Gowri and Dharma rakes leave. Gowri stares with Dharma about her happiness to gift Venba and explains about her unique bond with her. Yazhini waits long for Parvati and lashes out at her for being late.