Chithi 11th November 2020 Written Update: Kavin attempts to convince Venba to elope with him

Chithi 11th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini requesting Saradha and her family to have wedding food. Everyone is skeptical about having food as Gowri insulted them. Yazhini persuades them and take them to the dinning hall. Just then Yazhini’s friends call her. Saradha sends Yazhini to welcome them. Saradha and her family starts having the wedding food.

Gowri comes there and starts taunting them. Just then Yazhini comes there and taking care of their needs. Saradha intentionally asks for Paneer muttar masala. Yazhini asks her mom to bring Paneer muttar masala for Saradha. Gowri is irritated yet she brings the paneer muttar without any option.

Yazhini, Saradha and her family are sitting around the table chit-chating. Yazhini says she feels happy to sit with Saradha. She adds if Saradha wasn’t there, she would have have got this life. When Yazhini says they should go and bring Kavin, Saradha says let dad to come. Everyone looks on stunned. Yazhini asks if she’s talking about Shanmugam dad. Saradha realises what she has told and nods.

Dharma sees Shanmugam coming and Mallika is standing and talking with one guest. He worries Mallika shouldn’t see Shanmugam. If she gets to know Shanmugam is Saradha’s husband, Mallika’s hatred for Venba will increase. Deeba’s daughter runs towards Shanmugam calling tata and he lifts her. Mallika truns and walks away without noticing Shanmugam.

Sevandhi and Venba are walking talking about Kavin. The latter pulls her to a corner. He says he’s happy that he has come. Venba asks him to release her as Saradha must he waiting for her. When Kavin tries to get closer to her, Venba pushes him. Kavin’s head gets hit on the door and he falls unconscious. Venba tries to wake him up. She cries.

Kavin openes his eyes and kisses her. Kavin holds Venba and asks she says she doesn’t like him then why she cries. He tells about going to London, but she says him to marry Yazhini and leaves from there. Kavin thinks he has no option than executing his plan B that’s kidnapping Venba.

Gowri and Dharma are discussing about Yazhini’s attachment to Saradha. Gowri is furious that Yazhini is taking her side. Dharma says Saradha takes her place during Yazhini’s engagement. Gowri says she won’t let Saradha takes her place in Yazhini’s wedding rituals and will go to any extent for that. Dharma thinks in mind he just want the marriage not to happen.

Deeba teases Anbu saying Anbu has come with them leaving his wife at home. Saradha sends Anbu to bring Nandhini and also her phone that she forgot at home. Just then Yazhini and Kavin come and invite Saradha and her family for Nalungu function. Mallika and Saradha are glaring at each other.

The episode ends.