Chithi 12th May 2021 Written Update: Yazhini’s rude behavior towards Gowri shocks Kavin

Chithi 12th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gowri spotting Kavin (Navin) going to the guestroom. Gowri calls out Kavin. She scolds him and asks if he will never mend his ways. Just few hours before, everything was fine between him and Venba then what happened suddenly. Navin gives an excuses. Gowri advises that it’s not right that husband and wife sleep separately and asks him to sleep in his room. Yazhini and Mallika come there hearing Gowri’s shout. They ask what happened. Gowri explains the matter. Yazhini supports Navin and lashes out at Gowri. She asks Gowri to mind her business and goes to sleep in her room. Kavin and Venba hears Yazhini shouting at Gowri.

Kavin is shocked seeing the wayYazhini harshly reacting to Gowri and thanks God that he didn’t marry her. Here Navin assures Gowri that everything is fine between him and Venba, she must have seen them happy morning. He further says that he’s sleeping in the guestroon for the sake of the promise that Venba gave to Yazhini. He adds moreover he has to sleep in the guestroom so that Kavin and Venba can sleep in the same room. The trio look confused.

Yazhini says what he’s blabbering, he’s Kavin. Navin realizes his mistake and covers up giving an excuse. To stop them from asking any questions further, Navin says that he will sleep in his room if that’s what they all want. Yazhini stops him and asks him to sleep in the guestroom. Yazhini scolds Gowri and asks to go to her room.

After Gowri and Navin went to their respective room, Mallika tells Yazhini that Kavin’s anger for Venba isn’t completely calm down and asks Yazhini to use the remaining 2 months of the challenge to separate Kavin and Venba. Yazhini nods ok.

Venba asks Kavin to sleep on the bed. Kavin refuses and lays on the floor. Venba wonders what to do to force Kavin to sleep on the bed. She gets an idea. She dials her mobile number from the landline. Venba pretends to speak to Gowri. She shouts what a rat entered their room. She says that they’re sleeping on the bed so need to worry. She cuts the call. Kavin gets scared hearing Venba. The latter asks him to sleep on the bed, but Kavin refuses. He takes a stick and searches the rat, but he doesn’t find any rat. He lays back. Venba makes squeaks like a rat to scare Kavin.

Kavin asks Venba if she heard Rat squeaking. Venba says that she didn’t her, it must be his imagination. she asks him to sleep on the bed if he’s scared. Kavin refuses again. Venba squeaks again. She says that she also hear rat squeaking and it seems rat is angry. Kavin gets scared more. He pretends to call Navin. He says that he will sleep on the bed only for today as Navin advised him to do so. Kavin lays on the bed next to Venba. Venba laughs and sings a song. In the beginning Kavin gets irritated then he also smiles and they share an eyelock while Oru Vari Nee Oru Vari Naan… plays in the BG.

The episode ends.