Chithi 12th November 2020 Written Update: Yazhini’s Nalangu ceremony

Chithi 12th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini and Kavin taking Saradha and her family to the place where nalungu function going to take place. Mallika asks Saradha to stay till the end of the function. Saradha takes Mallika to a corner to talk. Saradha says she knows that she uses Gowri to send her out of the function.

Saradha says she has Arun in her custody and warns to inform the Police. Mallika pleads not to do like that. Saradha says Gowri shouldn’t utter a word against her or her family, then she will perform all marriage rituals along with Gowri. Saradha says she has to decide whether she wants to be there to see her son marriage or to go to jail. Mallika accepts Saradha’s conditions. Saradha says Gowri herself should call her to perform all marriage rituals.

Nandhini and Deivanayagi are discussing on which pretext visit doctor Illamurugan’s house where Arun is held as captive. Just then Anbu comes there limping. Nandhini asks what happened. Anbu says he had a minor accident and asks Nandhini to bring an ointment as his leg is paining. Nandhini thinks looking at his leg. She suggests to see a doctor and convinces Anbu. She asks Deivanayagi the adress of the doctor who had treated Venba. Anbu says he knows his address. The two left for Illamurugan’s house.

Nalungu function starts. Saradha applies first Nalungu to Yazhini. Gowri is shocked and tries to stop Saradha, but Mallika stops her. Saradha then asks Deeba to apply Nalungu. Saradha asks Gowri to apply Nalungu, then Mallika and other guests apply Nalungu. Next they start water pouring ritual. Gowri is ready to perform the ritual.

Saradha glares Mallika, who says to Gowri to let Saradha pours the water. Gowri is stunned and tries to oppose, but Mallika convinces her. Saradha happily pours water on Yazhini and completes the ritual. Gowri looks on fuming in anger. Kavin comes there searching for Venba. On the terrace, Venba is crying looking at the thali. Seeing Kavin Yazhini teases him asking to apply sandal paste or if he wants they can start the ritual from the beginning. Kavin thinks in mind that inspite of knowing all the truth, she’s acting in front of all just for him and appreciates her efforts.

Nandhini and Anbu are going in auto. Anbu feels pain in his leg. Nandhini places his leg on her lap and starts massaging his leg. She says she loves him and can’t see him in pain. They share a romantic moment. Nandhini asks why he has came back home. He says Chithi asked him to bring her, as Yazhini’s marriage has more importance for her. Nandhini says visiting Dr. Illamurugan’s house is important for her. Anbu looks at her confused. She says he’s hurt and taking him to doctor is more important.

Kavin comes to the terrace looking for Venba, who is crying holding the thali in her hands. She recalls her moments with Kavin and cries.

The episode ends.