Chithi 12th October 2021 Written Update: Subulakshmi and Natraj’s plan to create a rift between Kavin and Venba

Chithi 12th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandhini asking why she’s being silent without informing Mallika about where Kavin and Venba are working. Yazhini says that there’s no use of telling Mallika about it since they won’t get any benefits. Kavin and Venba will lose their job, but they can find new jobs. Yazhini asks Nandhini how Venba reached her office. Nandhini narrates everything including about the diamond necklace Devaki forgot at Subulakshmi’s house. Yazhini says that if that diamond necklace gets stolen and Venba gets arrested on that charge, Venba will go to the jail and she will get Kavin. Nandhini praises Yazhini’s smartness.

Yazhini and Nandhini come to Subulakshmi and Natraj’s security guard’s house with lots of gifts. The security guards wife gets amazed seeing the gifts. Nandhini asks the guard where the diamond necklace of her boss Devaki is now. The guard says that Subulakshmi asked Venba to put it in the locker. Yazhini says to the guard to steal that diamond necklace and put it in Venba’s bag. The guard says that he can’t steal. Yazhini says that they don’t ask him to steal. He has to just take that necklace and put into Venba’s bag. The guard refuses to frame an innocent Venba. Nandhini and Yazhini say that then they will take back the gifts. The guard’s wife stops them and convinces the gurad to agree to do their work. The gaurd still doesn’t want to do, but his wife assures Yazhini’s and Nandhini that her husband will complete their work. Yazhini gives her money and leaves with Nandhini.

Venba recalls her nightmare. She phones Kavin and tells him to be cautious as Nandhini and Yazhini can send anyone here to find where they’re working. Kavin agrees. He flirts with her over phone. Subulakshmi sees Kavin. Kavin gulps seeing Subu watching him. Other hand Venba also gets shocked finding Natraj looking at her. Subulakshmi asks Kavin with whom he was talking over phone. Other hand Natraj also asked Venba the same question. Kavin lies that he was talking with his friend. Venba says that she was talking with her house owner. Subulakshmi asks Kavin if he wasn’t talking with their cook. Natraj asks Venba if she wasn’t talking with the driver. Kavin and Venba deny. Natraj gives a number to Venba and asks to save it. Venba recognizes it as Kavin’s number. Venba asks Natraj whose number it’s. Natraj says that it’s driver’s number and asks Venba to not attend his any call.

Natraj then lies that Kavin mocked her physical features. Subulakshmi also said the same to Kavin after giving Venba’s number to him. Later Venba and Kavin argue over this. Natraj and Subulakshmi watch them hiding and get happy. They go away. Natraj asks Subulakshmi why she asked to create rift between Kavin and Venba. Subulakshmi says that if they fall in love and get married, they will leave this house then how they can adopt Kavin. Natraj says that love begins with a fight. Subulakshmi has strong belief that Kavin won’t fall for Venba. They discuss how their life changed after Natraj’s arrival and wish to adopt them soon.

Later Subulakshmi is checking the files related to her friend, Devaki case. Venba 8s mopping the floor. The security gaurd tries to sneak into the house.

The episode ends.