Chithi 13th January 2021 Written Update: Venba and Kavin spot Shanthi talking with Dharma

Chithi 13th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini returning home. She calls out Mallika. She expresses her joy with Mallika and Dharma. Yazhini shows them the ring presented by Kavin. She then tells Kavin brought her back in bike and expresses her excitement. Mallika is happy for Yazhini while Dharma looks unhappy.

Saradha is on the terrace recalling lawyer telling that they have one day time to find that lady before the court hearings. Kalai comes there. He assures Saradha that they will got the lady. Saradha says she’s upset that she missed that lady in the supermarket. Kalai says that lady must be from that area, she might have asked the shop to deliver the groceries she had bought so they can contact the supermarket to get that lady’s address. Saradha says tomorrow morning she will go to the supermarket.

Venba is praying to God. She asks God to help Saradha to find out that lady. Kavin smiles admiring Venba praying to God. She keeps asking God to help her and save her dad. Ravi and his sister Karthika pulls Kavin’s leg. Kavin seeks Ravi’s help to get closer to Venba. He asks him to throw a dumby lizard on Venba so that she gets scared and hugs him. Kavin pleads with Ravi to help him. He says whole day Venba spends worrying about her dad and in nights she doesn’t let him come closer to her. Karthika assures Kavin that Ravi will help him. Ravi agrees.

Kavin tries to get romantic with Venba. He hugs her and asks to make a coffee for him. Venba releases herself from his hug. She questions why he didn’t have coffee in his house. Kavin says because his wife isn’t there. Venba teases him. She says if he had done everything correctly she would be in his wife as his wife and would teach a lesson to his mom who tried to kill her. Ravi and Karthika come there. They ask her make coffee for them too. Kavin asks them if they bought the dummy lizard to which they replies yes.

Venba brings coffee for them. As preplanned Ravi puts the dummy lizard on Venba’s shoulder. Venba gets scared and hug Kavin tightly closing her eyes. Kavin smiles rejoicing the moment. The next day morning, Saradha comes to the supermarket. She shows Shanthi’s photo and asks if they delivered her things to her home.

One staff recognizes that lady as Shanthi. He says he’s going to her house to deliver the groceries. Otherside Kavin tells Venba to get ready to go out to look for that lady. Dharma comes to that area. His men call Shanthi out. Dharma is seen talking with Shanti. Venba sees them together. She calls Kavin and shows to him the same. Saradha also reaches there following the supermarket delivery boy.

The episode ends.