Chithi 13th January 2022 Written Update: Gowri supports Kavin and Venba.

Chithi 14th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mallika saying Yazhini that she trapped Venba in her plan well to get her son back. She also made her promise for her the same. She calls her fool who believes that she could make Kavin as successful as her in business. She says that there’s no way she can do that within a month. She asks Yazhini to start planning for her wedding. Gowri says that it’s possible for Venba to win the challenge as not a month but just a day can bring many changes. She says that all they need is a single idea and such ideas are lots in Kavin’s mind. She says that she don’t think Venba made a mistake by accepting the challenge.

Dharma agrees with her but stops seeing Mallika’s glare. Mallika agrees with Gowri that Kavin is talented and can get many investors. However she says that she won’t let Kavin get any help to win the challenge. Gowri calls her act to be a coward to play dirty to win the challenge. Mallika says that if it means to get her son back then she would play even more dirty. She reminds how Venba took Kavin with her from her and how Sharada ruined her playing dirty. She says that she’ll go to any lengths to stop Kavin from winning the challenge. She asks Dharma to keep a watch on Kavin’s actions in order to know whom he meets so that she can spoil it. She asks Yazhini to keep a track too. Gowri is disgusted.

Venba tied up Kavin as he’s not letting her work and romancing with her. Kavin says that she looks so beautiful in the Pongal attire which is why he couldn’t control himself. After an argument Venba let’s go off Kavin warning him to concentrate on Pongal arrangements. Kavin says that they want to buy things for Pongal but Venba shows her everything already bought from ration shop. They start working on the set up.

Venba looks at Sharada’s picture and misses her. Kavin comes to her when Venba says that she has everyone including her own parents but still she’s celebrating Pongal so lonely. Kavin says everything will be fine soon. Gowri says that all their wishes will be fulfilled if the Pongal overflows at the east side. She teaches them how to worship sun God. Later to everyone’s happiness, Pongal over flows in the east direction making them happy. They wish happy pongal to viewers.