Chithi 13th May 2022 Written Update: Venba outsmarts Parvati.

Chithi 13th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin and Venba watching Parvati laughing hard from crying immediately after Venba left. They both gets shocked. She says that Venba found her being intelligent but she can’t catch her no matter what. She calls her mother without mention her identity and says about what happened just a while back. She self praises her performance. Kavin and Venba heard it all. Kavin is about to confront her but Venba asks him to be relax. Venba says that she’s talking with the lady who took the money and they need to catch her. She asks him to act casual in front of her. Kavin leaves saying that he don’t know whether he can able to and leaves angrily.

Gowri and Dharma says to Yazhini and Mallika that they found the groom. Yazhini thinks that Venba found the groom for her and they are pretending like they themselves found it. Yazhini says that she only agreed for the marriage for Mallika and doesn’t matter who’s the groom. She leaves while Mallika thinks that they won’t leave till she sees it. She looks at the profile and watched the video. Mallika too likes the groom. She says that she’s living for only Yazhini and she’s quite aggressive. She says that a submissive guy is a better option for her and she likes him. She asks them to fast forward with the marriage as she’s only waiting for for that day. She again blood vomits while Dharma panics. Dharma asks her not to worry while they take care of all the arrangements. She leaves while Gowri asks him not to worry as Mallika would be fine once Yazhini gets married.

Venba wakes up at the middle of night and wakes up Kavin too. She says that they need to find the person who Parvati spoke with. Kavin is not sure about the idea but Venba says she would take care of it. Kavin and Venba sees Parvati sleeping without any move even after Venba took her finger and unlocked the phone. Kavin asks how’s it possible for her to not wake up. She recalls giving milk to Parvati right before she’s about to sleep. Venba forced her to have the spiked milk and Parvati drank it after acting emotionally. Kavin asks what’s the big deal about milk and Venba reveals that she has added sleeping pills in it. Kavin praises her. They check her mobile and finds the call history deleted. She checks the profile pictures and finds her mother’s picture in it. She recalls spotting her in temple and says Kavin about it. Venba makes a plan and sends a message to her mother to meet Parvati the next day in temple. They decide to catch her red handed.

Singaram wakes up at night and gets shocked seeing the main door opens. Kavin and Venba hides themselves from Singaram. Singaram angrily calls out for Parvati for her carelessness. Kavin pretends like a ghost and scares him away. Next day, Parvati’s mother comes to temple while Kavin, Venba and Ravi were waiting for her.