Chithi 13th November 2020 Written Update: Yazhini’s mehndi function

Chithi 13th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba crying standing in the terrace. Venba holds the thali in her hands and cries. She says she herself is unable understand her feelings. Kavin, who is looking for her, spots Venba. He asks why she is crying. She says nothing. Kavin says he knows the reason, she doesn’t like him marrying Yazhini.

Venba says nothing like that. He says she’s hiding her feelings. He requests her to confess her feelings for him. Venba asks Kavin to do the marriage that he had accepted to do. Otherside Saradha is searching for Venba. She asks Sevandhi, where’s Venba. Sevandhi assures Saradha she will bring her and send Saradha. Sevandhi wonders where Venba has gone.

Nandhini and Anbu reach Illamurugan’s house. Illamurugan takes Anbu inside the room to treat his injury. On the pretext of going to washroom, Nandhini searches for Arun. She finds Arun under the bed with his hands and legs tied up and mouth covered with a cloth. She takes video of Arun.

Later Anbu comes out. Illamurugan says he has dressed his wound and injected him They take his leave. While returning home in auto, Nandhini speaks rudely with Anbu, who wonders what happened to her suddenly.

Nandhini shows the video to Deivanayagi, who says she can’t believe Saradha can kidnap someone. Deivanayagi asks if she’s going to handover the proof to Mallika. Nandhini says in that case she won’t gain anything. She won’t give the proof to Police too, as they will dig the boy’s history and will reach the wedding Venue.

Deivanayagi confused why Police will go there, as Saradha is the one who kidnapped the boy. Nandhini explains the boy holds some secret that can cause Mallika’s fall. Nandhini says she has to think how to use the evidence against Saradha and asks Deivanayagi not to tell to anyone about this video. Later Anbu asks Nandhini to get ready so that they can go to the function. Nandhini speaks rudely with Anbu and walks away.

At the wedding Venue, Yazhini’s mehndi function starts. Yazhini signs Saradha to sit near her. Yazhini asks Saradha to put mehndi design on her hand. Mallika and Gowri look on unhappy. Saradha agrees. She finishes applying mehndi on Yazhini’s hand.

Everyone starts dancing on the song inbam pogum vennilla Remix. Kavin and Yazhini stands facing each other. Venba sadly looks at them. Kavin imagines himself dancing with Venba for the song Kadhale Kadhale.

The episode ends.