Chithi 13th October 2021 Written Update: The security guard executes Yazhini’s instructions

Chithi 13th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the security guard hiding on seeing Kavin going out of the house. After Kavin left the security guard goes inside. He says that he never done any wrong deeds in his life, but he has to do now and prays to God to save him this time only. He gets the cupboard key and tries to opens it. He hides on seeing Natraj. Natraj drinks the water and leaves. The guard feels relieved. He opens the cupboard and takes out the diamond necklace. He closes the cupboard and locks it. He puts back the key in its place. He goes to the kitchen and takes out Venba’s bag and put the diamond necklace inside it. He goes out of the house.

The guard phones Yazhini and informs that he has put the necklace in Venba’s bag as she’s instructed. He says that he’s scared. Yazhini asks him not to worried, if he lose his job, she will hire him in her company. The guard says that he’s actually feeling guilty as Venba is a good girl. Yazhini says that Venba isn’t a good girl and if she tells him what all Venba did, he won’t feel guilty of his action. He assures to give him more money then what she told. She disconnects the call. She gets happy that Venba will go to jail for at least six to one year, between this time she will marry Kavin.

Kavin goes to Natraj and Subulakshmi and asks if there’s no any work, can he leave for home. Natraj nods OK. Kavin puts the key on the table and shouts that he’s going to home, so that Venba could hear. He keeps shouting. Natraj asks why he’s shouting. Natraj says that if he leaves, Natraj will call him asking for key. Kavin leaves. Natraj says to Subulakshmi that Kavin said that he’s leaving to Venba. Subulakshmi says that in that case Venba should also leave now. Natraj says that she will come now. Kavin waits for Venba to come outside the house. Venba informs Subulakshmi and Natraj that she has made dinner and completed all works. Subulakshmi asks her to leave. Venba leaves taking her bag. Natraj says to Subulakshmi that they couldn’t separate them with their plan. They decided to make a big plan. Venba tells the security guard that she made dinner for him as well and asks to not sit outside in the night and asks to sit under the shelter. The guard nods ok. Venba leaves. The guard feels guilty for betraying Venba.

Venba gets on the bike. Kavin and Venba drive off while neeyum naanum song plays in the BG. They reach home. They get fresh up and sit to have dinner. They stop before having the first bite and feed to each other. Later they get ready to sleep. Venba searches for her bedsheet. Kavin says that he gave it to a poor. Venba thinks that Kavin is upto something and decides to not sleep.

The episode ends.