Chithi 14th May 2022 Written Update: Venba follows Sangavi.

Chithi 14th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Singaram and Ravi coming to temple with Venba. Singaram says about seeing ghost last night. Ravi mocks him but Singaram says about the ghost scaring him. Ravi asks her to leave it and asks Venba the reason for coming to temple. Venba says about they getting information that Padmavati who cheated their money is coming to temple. She shows them her photo. They search for her when Parvati’s mother comes to temple. Venba sees her and shows to Singaram and Ravi. Venba hides to escape from her notice. Parvati’s mother looks around to spot Parvati. Singaram wants to catch her but Venba says that their aim is to find out her house following her. She calms them down. Parvati is cooking in kitchen when she gets her mother’s call. She asks why she called her and her mother says that it was her who sent her text to come to temple. She asks Parvati to check her phone. She checks it and finds the message. She wonders who took her phone without her her finger print. She recalls Venba giving her milk and understands its her plan. Parvati says her mother that it’s Venba who sent her the message. She alerts her to leave immediately from there. Parvati’s mother leaves immediately and Parvati gets irked.

Mallika and Yazhini are in temple and Mallika says that they would fast forward the marriage preparations only if they are not present. They see Parvati’s mother leaving hurried in auto and gets confused. They also spot Venba following her auto. Mallika understands that Parvati and Sangavi messed it up. They both followed them too else their plan would be collapses completely. Parvati is frustrated about how her mother got text from her mobile. She wonders how she got her finger print and suspects her for spiking her drink. She decides to throw Venba out of the house before she throws her her out. Natraj comes there and mocks her. He taunts her for Venba outsmarting her. He says that Venba didn’t panic even when a devil stole her money because she knew that she could catch the culprit. He asks her to be ready to get arrested and leaves.

Venba, Singaram and Ravi are still following Sangavi. Venba reasons that even if they catch her she could escape saying that she didn’t steal the money. She says that’s why they are first finding her home. Yazhini gets tensed and Mallika calls Sangavi. Sangavi says about whatever happened and Mallika alerts her about Venba following her. Mallika guides Sangavi to a new route. Sangavi gives money to driver and gets does in a blink of eye to escape. Venba loses her and gets frustrated and Ravi consoles her. Mallika confirms that Sangavi is safe and decides to get the money from her before Venba catches her.