Chithi 15th February 2021 Written Update: Gowri gets shocked when Venba sings a prayer song that she only knows

Chithi 15th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba performing the morning puja. She sings a prayer song. Mallika comes downstairs hearing venba’s voice. She goes to a flashback. Gowri is seen singing the same prayer song. Mallika says this prayer song is very beautiful and she never heard this song before. Gowri says this song is her granddaughter’s own composition. Mallika asks if Yazhini knows this song. Gowri says she hasn’t teached but used to sing daily this song when she was pregnant. FB ends.

Gowri and Yazhini also come there. Mallika and Gowri wonder how Venba knows this song. Yazhini asks what song it’s. Gowri says she used to sing this song from her childhood and doesn’t understand how Venba knows this song. Dharma thinks Venba is their daughter, by God’s grace she married Kavin and came to her own house. Venba gives aarti to Mallika. She takes Mallika’s blessings. She says Saradha has teached her that everything comes after her mother-in-law including God. Venba applies Vibuthi on Kavin’s forehead. She then asks Kavin to apply Vermilion on her Thali. She then expresses how happy she is that their secret marriage came out.

Venba asks Mallika’s permission to say loudly that she’s Kavin’s wife. Mallika nods yes. Venba expresses her joy shouting that she’s Kavin’s wife and she’s in her husband’s house. She then takes Gowri’s blessings. She says her chithi told Gowri is like her another mother and she has to take care of her. Venba gives aarti to Yazhini, but the latter angrily turns her face away. Kavin cups Venba’s face and vipes the vermilion from Venba’s cheek.

Yazhini angrily leaves from there. She goes to her room and cries her’s heart out. Gowri comes to her. She consoles Yazhini and asks to wipe her tears. Yazhini asks how she got to know that song. Gowri says Kavin must’ve teached her in order to impress them. She asks Yazhini not to worry as Mallika’s is on their side. She will help them to separate Venba and Kavin. Yazhini says since one week they have somehow postponed their wedding night, and asks if they will be able to again stoo it today. If Kavin and Venba celebrated their wedding night, then all her hopes will be shattered. Gowri assures her that she will not let that happen and leaves.

Ravi phones Kavin and teases him. Kavin cuts the phone, when Venba comes there. She requests him to go out as she has to tie her blouse’s knot. Kavin suggests to help her. Venba refuses and tries to walk away. Kavin drags her closer to him. He says love you wife. Venba replies with a love you too. They share a romantic moment. Yazhini cries seeing Kavin and Venba’s closeness.

The episode ends.