Chithi 16th May 2022 Written Update: Kavin and Venba follows Parvati.

Chithi 16th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba calling Yazhini and Mallika picks the call. She gets confused seeing the caller id as Enemy and calls Yazhini. She asks who’s it and Yazhini says Venba. She picks the call and puts it on speaker. She says about them finding a suitable groom for her. Yazhini gets irked but Mallika signals her to be calm. She says Venba that she agreed for the marriage only for her aunt and asks her not to get too cozy with her. Venba says that they are going to be a family and they are like sisters. She coaxes her to behave cordial with her. She cuts the call saying that they need to keep contacting for the marriage and persuades her to forget her hatred. She then cuts the call. Yazhini says that Venba is such a great speaker who convinces people with their sweet talks. Mallika says it is the reason Kavin fell for her and is madly in love with her. Mallika says Yazhini that it’s her responsibility for getting her married to Kavin but then she says that it’s her who should change Kavin’s heart and lead a happy life with him. Yazhini agrees to do it.

After Venba cuts the call, Kavin says that everything would be fine soon. He then decides to get romantic with her and tries coming close with her in the pretext of an ant. Venba identifies his intentions and says no ti his advances. Natraj and Subbu comes there and gets shy seeing their position. They are happy for their reunion and blesses them to stay united forever. Natraj asks Kavin and Venba to get Yazhini married soon and do Mallika’s surgery soon. He says that Mallika may be angry and vengeance full but don’t deserve the disease. Kavin says that he’s doing everything he could for the same. They both come out and finds Parvati drinking coffee. Venba gets angry seeing her cool attitude. Sangavi calls Parvati and says something. Parvati hurriedly takes the scooter keys and leaves in Venba’s scooter. Venba gets angry over it’s and they both follow her in auto. They both miss her at a point.

Sangavi is waiting with the money when Mallika and Yazhini comes there in cab. They meet with Sangavi and asks for money. Sangavi asks them to wait for the Parvati. Parvati comes there and gives the money with her hands. Mallika praises Parvati saying that she underestimated her. She says she has managed to cheat on Kavin and Venba. Kavin and Venba finally manage to find the right route. Mallika gives some money to Parvati refuses and says that that she only wants her father to be freed. Mallik asks her not to worry as she’ll take care of it and asks her to keep helping her. Yazhini spots Kavin and Venba and she hides with Mallika. Parvati doesn’t hide but instead comes up with a plan. She pours asks her mother to follow her order. She pretends like Sangavi cheated on her and Sangavi escapes hitting Parvati. Kavin and Venba gets shocked.