Chithi 16th November 2020 Written Update: Kavin discusses his plan with Sevandhi

Chithi 16th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin imagining himself dancing with Venba. Then he comes to the reality. The whole family dances on the song Inbam pogum Venilla.

Dharma happily informs Mallika that Minster is arriving to their function. Just then Minister arrives. Mallika welcomes Minister and takes him inside. Minister says the approval order for their building construction will be ready by tomorrow. He asks her to collect it in his office after her son’s marriage. Saradha overhears them. He tells the same to Shanmugam. She says she was waiting for their daughter marraige to complete to use Arun against Mallika. Shanmugam is shocked. He asks Yazhini is their daughter. Saradha says Yazhini calls them mom and dad so she said like that. Shanmugam says he feels a connection with Yazhini.

Then he says he never saw Mallika who gives her lot of trouble. Saradha says she is there pointing her fingers towards Mallika who is talking with Minster. Shanmugam can’t see Mallika since Minister’s back hides her face. Shanmugam notices Yazhini, who is standing next to Mallika. He says she looks beautiful like a queen. Shanmugam can’t see Mallika’s face and they leave saying they can see her face later.

Kavin requests Sevandhi to bring Venba somehow. Sevandhi says it’s not an easy task. Kavin says he understands. He says if she can’t convince Venba then she has to bring her after making her unconscious. Sevandhi says she can’t bring an unconscious Venba alone. Kavin shows the picture of the person called Ravi, who made visa for Venba, and says he will help her to bring Venba downstairs. He asks to place Venba inside his car, then he will join them.

Venba sees them talking. She says to Sevandhi not to talk with Kavin as there’s nothing between them. Sevandhi says its her wish. She likes Kavin so listening to his sad love story. Venba takes Sevendhi from there. Kavin calls Venba and asks if she’s ready to leave to London. Venba leaves the place without paying attention to his word.

Ravi comes to the function. He gets happy seeing Saradha and asks her if she doesn’t remember him. Saradha doesn’t recognize him. He starts telling his history, he was an auto driver before, now he changed the profession, he’s arranging Visa and fight tickets for abroad traveling. Saradha wonders who he’s.

Ravin then meets Mallika. He gives the gift that contains Kavin and Venba’s flight tickets to Mallika. Kavin notices them from far. Yazhini joins with Mallika. When Mallika asks what’s inside the gift, Ravi starts stammering. Mallika says she will open and see what’s inside the gift. Just then Kavin comes there and tries to stop Mallika from opening the gift. Mallika is adamant to open the gift. Yazhini stops Mallika. She convinces her not to open the gift now. Later Yazhini gives the gift to Kavin, who thanks her.

Kavin takes Ravi to a side and scolds him. Ravi questions Kavin that one side Yazhini is dreaming of marrying him then go to Switzerland for honeymoon otherside he asked him to book a flight ticket on Venba’s name. What’s going on. Kavin says he loves only Venba, but he cannot tell to his mom about it as he is fearing the latter will kill Venba. He adds that Yazhini is aware of his plan to elope with Venba to London. Venba shockingly turns towards kavin hearing the last line.

The episode ends.