Chithi 16th October 2020 Written Update: Yazhini Kavin participate in super jodi 2020 competition

Chithi 16th October 2020 Written Update 16th on

The episode begins with Kavin telling that he remembers the goons name and he will find them. Venba requests Shanmugam to take Kavin to hospital, but the latter refuses saying he will manage. He asks Venba to be safe and takes leave. Saradha asks Shanmugam to take Venba home as she has an important work.

Mallika gets happy thinking Venba would have died till now. Deveraj calls Mallika and informs that someone saved Venba. Mallika questions who saved Venba. That time Sharadha comes there saying she saved Venba. She tried to kill Venba, but she went to her place and saved Venba. Saradha lashes out at Mallika.

Saradha challenges Mallika that she will cause her fall. She is scared that’s why she tried to kill Venba, even before she go to court. She says that her destruction isn’t so far. Mallika says she will kill Venba. Saradha says she can’t touch her daughter. It’s a war between her money and her mind and she will be the looser.

Anbu wonders who would have kidnapped Venba. Anbu says it could be love matter. Nandhini asks if she loves someone. Venba denies. Nandhini questions then why someone will try to kill her. Saradha who comes there tells maybe the goon wanted to kill someone else but they kidnapped Venba by mistake. Shanmugam asks Venba to be more careful. Saradha asks her not to go for office. Venba said she took 10 days leave. Venba cries and says if she wasn’t there, she won’t be alive. Saradha says she will always be there. Saradha recalls Mallika’s challenge and asksVenba to go and take rest.

Kavin comes home. Yazhini sees an injured Kavin and questions about it. She calls Mallika and Dharma. Mallika worries for Kavin and questions what had happened. Dharma says someone beat Kavin. Mallika asks who had beaten his son and goes to dial to Commissioner. Dharma stops her saying Deveraj goons had beaten Kavin.

Mallika sits near Kavin and says he is her everything and cries saying it hurts to see him injured. Kavin says he is lucky to get her as her mother. He says he and Yzhini convinced Venba to rejoin the office. He promised them that he will take Venba’s responsibility but he couldn’t keep his words. Someone tries to kill Venba and he doesn’t understand the reason. He says Venba has some problem. Someone tried to kidnap and kill her.

Mallika asks if they killed her. Kavin says if it had happened, he would have got heart attack Thankfully Saradha came and saved her. He couldn’t bear if something happened to Venba as he took her responsibility. Dharma praises Kavin for his care towards Venba, who is just a staff.He assures Kavin that nothing will happened to Venba. Mallika asks to leave Venba and go and take rest.

Kavin recalls Venba shouting his name to get help, then goon hurting Venba. Yazhini comes with noodles and asks him to have food. When Kavin refuse to have food, she questions wht happened. Kavin says one can’t always smile and asks him to leave him alone. When Yazhini insists him to have food, he throws the plate saying he’s already tensed thinking Venba too 10 leave and asks to leave him alone. Yazhini questions he is scolding her just because Venba took 10 days leave and asks if she’s not important in his eyes. Kavin leaves without uttering a word.

Yazhini is crying. She recalls Gomathinayaga telling Venba kavin are going to marry in the temple. She says it’s cleary visibke that Kavin has a softcorn for Venba, but that’s as a friend and Kavin loves her and that’s the truth. Mallika comes there and asks Yazhini what she is sad, what happened. Yazhini says she had made noodles for Kavin but he threw the food so she got hurt.

Mallika assures She is Kavin’s world and she can prove it. She tells about the super jodi 2020 competition and asks Kavin, Yazhini to participate in that competition. Yazhini gets happy and asks if she talked to Kavin and he agreed. Mallika says she will talk to him. Yazhini is certain they will win the title.

Dharma, Mallika and Yazhini are waiting for Kavin. When the latter comes downstairs, Mallika asks Kavin to participate with Yazhini in the super jodi 2020 competition and win the title. Kavin denies. Mallika says Yazhini is their company brand ambassador and they should participate in the competition for the company’s growth.

Kavin what’s the connection between them. Mallika tries to covince Kavin, but the latter refuse. Mallika asks him to participate in the competition for her. Yazhini loves him so much and he also loves her and the world should know about their. Mallika says it’s her wish and she promised Yazhini and asks him if he will participate or not. Kavin agrees. Mallika asks Dharma to take them to the competition as she has some important work.

Anbu, Saradha and Shanmugam worry for Nandhini who doesn’t yet return home. Saradha and Anbu decide to go out and check. Nandhini comes home. They ask where she was. Nandhini says she went for shopping as tomorrow the competition for best couple is going to start. Nandhini tells to Anbu that they should win the title. Anbu pulls her leg while Saradha supports Nandhini.

The next day Dharma brings Yazhini, Kavin to the hotel where the competition best couple 2020 takes place. Yazhini gets mesmerized seeing the place. She sees her and Kavin poster with their names and gets excited. Kavin notices Anbu Nandhini’s poster and prays Venba should come. Saradha and her family reach the hotel. Kavin, Venba notice each other. He dreams of he and Venba running towards each other and hugging. Yazhini takes Kavin inside.

Saradha’s family goes inside. Yazhini notices Saradha and waves her hand. Saradha gets happy to see Yazhini. Yazhini takes Saradha’s blessing and asks Kavin to take her blessings too. Yazhini asks Saradha to bless them that they will win the competition. Saradha assures her that they will win. Nandhini is on the way in an auto. Yazhini takes leave asking Kavin to come while the latter glances at Venba before leaving.

The episode ends.