Chithi 16th September 2020 Written Update: Mallika asks Dharma to bring Venba to their house

Chithi 16th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini kissing Kavin on his cheek and saying I love you Kavin. The latter goes upstairs without responding while Yazhini smiles happily.

Dharma comes to the temple and prays for Venba. He asks to God to save Venba from Mallika, to reveal to everyone that Venba is his daughter, to make Gowri accept Venba, to make Kavin marry Venba and to make Mallika understand him.

Venba comes to the same temple. Few goons follow her. She comes and stands next to Dharma and starts praying. Dharma gets happy seeing Venba there and thanks God. Dharma asks Venba to take the prasadam.

Dharma offers Venba to drop at her office, and Venba agrees. The goons, who waited for Venba, outside the temple, informs Mallika that Venba is went with Dharma in his car. Mallika asks them to leave her and she will take care of her.

Shanmugam and Saradha comes to see the construction work of their house. Saradha is lost in her thoughts. Shanmugam asks her what happened. She says nothing. The engineer says the bore water is very tasty and calls one of her employee whose name is Padma to bring water. Both Shanmugam and Saradha are disturbed hearing the name Padma. Saradha thinks Padma would have found that she is Saradha after eating the kozhukattai. Padma could have asked to her instead of running away from her. Shanmugam also gets flashes of Padma. While walking back to the car, Shanmugam reveals to Saradha that the name Padma recalled him his past. Saradha looked stunned.

In car, Dharma says to Venba that Saradha and Shanmugam are not her real parents. He asks why she doesn’t try to search for her real parents. Venba says her dad is dead for her. Dharma asks why she is saying like this. She says they throw her like they throw garbage. Shanmugam and Saradha are her real parents. Dharma asks to understand her parents’ situation too. Venba says whatever be the situation, how could they throw a baby like this. She calls her dad selfish and wishes to never meet him and gets emotional. Dharma apologizes to ask this question. She says Saradha brought her like her own daughter. Though in future her real parents come and stand in front of her, she wouldn’t go and hug them happily. Dharma looks at her tearful eyes.

Mallika calls Dharma and says she had send goons behind Venba to kidnap her but he made the work easy. Dharma is shocked. She asks to bring Venba to their home. At the same time Kavin calls Venba and asks her to come to his home. Venba informs that she has to Kavin’s house. Dharma cries thinking Mallika asks him to bring his own daughter to her so she can harm her.

Nandhini who comes to the temple sees Gowri there. She intentionally collides with her and make the kukumam fall. She engages the conversation with her asking about Yazhini and Kavin’s engagement. Nandhini says to Gowri she has a bad news for her. Gowri looks at her shocked.

The episode ends