Chithi 17th March 2021 Written Update: Venba’s act shocks Gowri

Chithi 17th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini asking Venba to put Kavin’s call on speaker since she wants to know every secret of them. Kavin asks if she knows driving to which Venba says that she’s a daughter of a cab driver. Kavin asks her to come to the star hotel taking a car, they will have their first night in the hotel. In that house, no one will let them have their private so he has taken this decision and cuts the call. Venba gets angry and walks away from there. Venba calls out Yazhini and reprimands her for listening the conversation between a husband and wife. Yazhini taunts Venba and the latter gives her a befitting reply. Gowri intervenes and raise her hand to slap Venba, but the latter holds her hand in midway. Gowri gets shocked and starts arguing with Venba. Mallika pretends to support Venba and says that Yazhini has done wrong and asks her to apologize to Venba. Gowri says that Yazhini will not apologize to Venba. Mallika says then she will apologize to Venba on behalf of Yazhini. Venba says it’s not needed, she even hold Gowri’s hand in order to make her realize her mistake. Mallika asks Venba to get ready and leave for the place where Kavin had asked her to come. Venba nods ok and leaves.

Gowri says what’s the need to book a room in a hotel when he has a big house. Mallika says that they should be happy that he hasn’t booked any flight tickets and thought to take Venba to somewhere else. He advises Gowri and Yazhini no to do anything in hurry. She leaves from there.

At the office, Kavin is excited thinking about his first night. Ravi comes there and scolds him. He says that he has wrote in all the office files Pondatti in the place of his sign. Kavin blushes on seeing it. Kavin asks him to make ready that file again, he will sign correctly. Ravi asks him to enjoy his day, he has told to the clients that he’s on leave. Kavin thanks him and leaves.

Venba happily gets ready while the song Ena solla edhu solla plays in the BG. Yazhini fumes on seeing this. Venba notices Yazhini and calls her inside. Yazhini asks if she remembers her promise to which Venba replies yes. Venba adds that she knows how to fulfill her promise. Yazhini says that but it doesn’t look so. She then asks if she doesn’t know why Kavin has called her to the hotel. Venba says she knows, but if she doesn’t go, Kavin will gets suspicious. She then adds that till now she (Yazhini) isn’t able to make a place for her in Kavin’s heart, and asks her to concentrate on that instead of spying on her and walks away. Yazhini wonders whether to trust her or not.

Gowri keeps recalling that Venba held her hand and decides to prevent Venba from going to the hotel. She asks Mallika to do something to stop Venba. Mallika thinks. She asks the car driver to cut the car’s brakes. The driver refuses, but Mallika reminds him that he’s just a servant and asks to do what she says. Dharma gets shocked hearing the same and prays to God to save Venba.

The episode ends.