Chithi 17th November 2020 Written Update: Kavin and Venba’s romantic moment

Chithi 17th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin telling to Ravi that he loves Venba. He can’t tell his love matter to his mom, as the latter will give Venba. He says Yazhini knows about his London plan. Ravi asks Yazhini is very excited thinking about her honeymoon trip. Kavin says she’s acting.

Kavin seeks Ravi’s help to bring Venba to his car. Ravi refuses to help him. Kavin says he can’t convince Venba so he has to kidnap her making her unconscious. He adds he knows no one except him in this wedding venue. Ravi faints. Kavin makes him conscious. Ravi asks what will his mom do if she gets yo know he helped him Kavin says she will kill him. Ravi falls again unconscious. Kavin says he has no option then help her.

Deeba’s daughter falls down while running. Venba rushes to her. While running her thali comes out. Just then Yazhini comes to Venba and keeps staring at her without uttering a word. Venba starts worrying wondering why she’s staring at her like this. Yazhini bents down to take a broken bracelet and gives it to Venba. Between this time Venba notices the thali and it.

Anbu and Nandini come to the wedding venue. Saradha worries seeing Anbu limping. She questions him what happened. Anbu says he had a minor accident, nothing to worry, but Nandhini took him to the doctor Illamurugan. Saradha looks on stunned. She asks if the doctor was at home. Nandhini says he was at his home alone. Saradha looks on thinking. She says he’s staying alone here. Mallika signs Nandhini to comes to a corner and leaves. Anbu gives back Saradha’s phone to her. They all go inside except Nandhini.

Nandhini meets Mallika, who asks her if she got any information about Arun’s whereabouts. Nandhini lies she couldn’t get any information from Saradha or Shanmugam. Mallika says yesterday Saradha blackmailed her using Arun. If he opens his mouth, Police will come to arrest her here and his son marraige will not happen.

Kavin drags Venba inside a room. He pins her to the wall. Venba says if Yazhini saw them like this, she will misunderstand them. Kavin says Yazhini will not, as she knew everything, she even knew that they are going to elope before marriage and going to London. He adds he even received their plan tickets to London. Venba refuses to believe him.

She says how Yazhini, who loves him so much, can sacrifice him. She then questions how he can book ticket on her name when he doesn’t have her passport. He shows her passport. While Venba is checking if it’s really her passport, Kavin kisses her forehead. Venba looks at him stunned. He says he’s ready to kill people in order to live with her. Venba slightly pushes him aside and opens the room door. She closes the door seeing Mallika.

Kavin walks towards Venba staring at her. Venba asks him to stop. Kavin asks her to accept to come with him. Just then Sevandhi comes there. She advises Venba to accept to go to London with Kavin. Venba says her chithi is more important for her. Sevandhi says Kavin loves her and she also loves him, but she refuses to accept it. If Saradha will get to know she will accept it. Venba says Chithi has promised to Yazhini. Sevandhi says Venba’s happiness will matter more for Saradha than the promise given to Yazhini. Venba says she’s confused and starts crying. Kavin and Sevandhi sadly looks on at Venba.

The episode ends.