Chithi 17th October 2020 Written Update: Yazhini is injured

Chithi 17th October 2020 Written Update 17th on

The episode starts with Yazhini thanking Saradha for her blessings and telling they are going to be the winner. Kavin leaves glancing at Venba. The anchors asks the contestants to go to their respective room and get ready. Dharma says to Venba that he’s happy to see her and asks if Kavin had told her about the competition. Venba replies no and leaves. Dharma feels bad that Yazhini is participating with Kavin in this competition instead of Venba.

Yazhini, Kavin goes to their room. Kavin makes some excuses and goes out. Anbu reaches the hotel. Saradha asks where’s Nandhini and asks Anbu to call Nandhini. The latter picks the call and tells she is on the way. Anbu asks her to come fast. Anbu says she is making excuses and she won’t come. Saradha confidently says Nandhini will definitely come before the competition starts.

Kavin calls Venba. The latter picks the call and asks what he wants. Kavin says he wants her wife. Venba says not to call her wife. Kavin teases Venba. The latter says she’s not his wife as she removed the thali. Kavin asks if she doesn’t like him calling her wife. She says no. Kavin says she is lying. Venba cuts the call seeing Yazhini. When Yazhini asks she was talking with whom, she lies she was talking with Nandhini.

Both go to Yazhini room and drink coffee. When yazhini turns, she hits Venba’s hand by mistake and the coffee cup falls and breaks. While bending down, the thali comes out. Venba’s phone rings, it’s Kavin. Yazhini picks the call without seeing the name in the display, but the call gets disconnected. Venba sees the thali out and hides it.

Kavin stops Venba and tells she looks more beautiful after their marriage. he feels lucky to get such a beautiful wife. Venba pushes him slightly and leaves.

The anchors meets Deeba and Kalai in their room and introduce them to the camera. Otherside on the stage, the anchors reveal the judges’ names, Madan Babu and Vinodhini. They call some dancers to perform. They dance on a romantic song. Dharma thinks to do something to make Venba to participate with Kavin in the place of Yazhini.

The judge Vinodhini arrives, followed by Madan Babu. The anchors welcomes them.

In the room, Yazhini asks Kavin to do the make up first and leaves. Otherside on the stage, the anchors call the judges on the stage and asks few funny and the judges give some funnu answers. The anchors do a dance performance on Siluku marame song. Yazhini comes there and see the performance and imagines of dancing with Kavin on the stage for the same song.

Saradha sees Venba sad and questions what happened. Venba says she wants that Nandhini and Anbu win the title as they live separately because of her. She was prayed all Gods for Nandhini and Anbu win this competition. Saradha is proud of Venba and says Nandhini and Anbu should win at least for her.

In room, Nandhini is getting ready. Anbu says she looks beautiful. Nandhini removes his hands from her shoulder and says they should win this competition. Other hand Deeba is getting ready. Kalail praises Deeba’s beauty. Deeba says they should win this competition and win the cash so that they can help Saradha to construct her dream house.

Yazhini comes back to the room and finds Kavin ready. She helped him to wear the coat and takes a selfie with him. Dhama, who comes there looking for Yazhini room, sees them. He silently takes Yazhini’s hills and places them back breaking the hills. Yazhini walks and falls down and gets hurt. Kavin carries her and places her on the bed. Dharma comes there and acts asking to get ready fast as the competition is going to start.

Yazhini cries in pain. Dharma goes and brings a doctor, who checks Yazhini and tells she may have fractured her leg and asks to take the X-ray. Dharma worries what to say to tell Mallika for whom participating in the competition is very important. Kavin questions how Yazhini can participate in this state. He suggests to ask Venba to participate in her place.

The episode ends.