Chithi 18th May 2021 Written Update: Venba accompanies Kavin to the meeting

Chithi 18th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Navin threatening Venba and Kavin to kiss Yazhini if they don’t break their hug. They both both get shocked and break the hug. Navin remembers Kavin about his meeting and asks if Venba can accompany him. Kavin tells that this project work was done by Venba when she was his PA and adds that she can come with him if she wants. Venba says that she wants to come. Navin says that they will come from back door and goes to get ready.

Yazhini comes downstairs decked up. Gowri asks Yazhini where she’s going. Mallika comes there and tells Gowri that asking someone where he/she is going is inauspicious. Yazhini gets seated and waits for Kavin. She tells that she will go with Kavin. Gowri warns Yazhini that she’s doing wrong, but Yazhini is adamant. Kavin and Venba come downstairs hand in hand. Yazhini and Mallika look shocked while Gowri is glad. Mallika asks Kavin where they’re going. Gowri remindsh Mallika her own dialogue and tells its inauspicious to question someone who is going out.

Mallika shuts her and repeats her question. Kavin tells that they’re going to government tenter meeting and it was managed by Venba when she used to work as his PA, so Venba knows all the details. He further adds that this tenter is beneficial for their company. Gowri praises Venba that she is capable to handle both business and household works together and wishes them luck. Yazhini asks if she can come with them. Venba refuses and Gowri also supports Venba. Kavin and Venba take their leave. Yazhini fumes and steps her foot on Gowri’s foot intentionally. Gowri screams. Mallika tells Yazhini that Gowri has changed and they should do something to throw Venba out of the house before she influences them too.

Kavin and Venba get into the car. Navin joins them. Here Yazhini asks who is Venba to stop her from going with Kavin. She’s also a partner of the company unlike Venba who was just a PA. Gowri reprimands Yazhini Gowri speaks in favor of Venba while Mallika supports Yazhini. Mallika tells that Venba has no match to Yazhini. Yazhini tells that she can’t understand Kavin, morning he talked nicely with her and now he’s going out with Venba ignoring her.

Yazhini decides to ask why he’s doing like that. She phones Kavin and puts the call on loud speaker. Venba receives the call and tells Kavin is driving the car and asks to tell her what the matter is. Yazhini asks to speak to Kavin. Venba decides to irritate Yazhini. She asks Kavin to remove his hand from her shoulder. She then makes kissing sounds and asks Kavin not to kiss her. Yazhini fumes hearing this. She asks Venba to give the phone to Kavin. Venba harshly tells that Kavin is her husband and asks who she’s to talk to her husband. She warns Yazhini and cuts the call.

Kavin, Venba and Navin reach the hotel where the meeting taking place. Venba prays that they should get the tenter. Kavin tells that Ravi will there in the meeting and if he gets to know about them being twins, he will tell to the whole world. Navin decides to sit in the car and waits for them. Kavin and Venba go inside the hotel. Mohanraj has also come to the same meeting.

The episode ends.