Chithi 18th November 2020 Written Update: Saradha gives Kavin’s letter to Yazhini

Chithi 18th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sevandhi trying to convince Venba. Venba says she’s very confused, she can’t do this and starts crying. Otherside Mallika is shocked seeing Arun’s parents. Mallika questions why they came. Mallika says someone else wrote exam in the place of their son, like there are five studens. she asked all of them to stay and home.

Everyone obeyed her except their son. She couldn’t find Arun’s whereabouts till now. She will inform them if she gets to know. When the parents wants to go to Police, Mallika says if he gets in police hand and truth come out, her whole empire will fall. She sends them back. Nandhini, who have overheard the conversation, says now she understands everything and thinks of exploiting the situation in her favor.

Kavin gets ready for reception. Ravi teases saying he’s getting for the marriage which isn’t going to happen. Otherside Yazhini is getting ready. Her friends teases her. Later Saradha comes there. She tells to Yazhini she’s looking gorgeous. Saradha asks she didn’t ask what she’s going to gift her. Yazhini says she herself is a gift for her. Saradha agrees with her. Yazhini says even her mom never loved her the way she loves her.

 Saradha gives Kavin’s letter to Yazhini, who happily  takes it and thanks Saradha. When starts reading the letter, Gowri stops her. She says she can read the letter after reception as it’s getting late. She place the latter on a sofa table. Just then thr server bring juice for Yazhini and places the tray on the letter. When the server takes back the tray, the letter gets sticked under the tray.

Yazhini and Kavin are sitting together on the stage. When Venba sadly looks at them. The server serves juices to the guest, the letter is still sticking under the tray. Later Kavin and Yazhini asked to exchange garlands, but Kavin puts the garlands around his neck. When Mallika asks Kavin to put the garland around Yazhini’s neck. The latter says that’s fine. Kavin thanks Yazhini. The latter asks why he thanks her.

When Kavin is about to say something, guests come to the stage to congratulate them. Saradha is admiring her daughter sitting between the guests. Venba notices Saradha happily looking towards Yazhini. She then notices Kavin, who is smiling looking her. Yazhini notices something stiking on Kavin’s cheek and cleanes it. Venba feels bad and sadly looks on at Kavin and Yazhini.

Saradha says a girl looks more beautiful when she’s going to marry her love. She asks to look how Yazhini is happy and is enjoying every moment. Otherside Kavin thinks Yazhini not only sacrificed her love for him and Venba but also acting being happy in front of all. He asks why Venba doesn’t understand this. Kavin says to Yazhini she’s great. Yazhini thanks him. She says she will be always be like this as she loves him so much. Venba sadly looks at Kavin and Yazhini.

Saradha finds Venba sad and asks what happened. Venba says nothing. Saradha encourages Venba to select her life partner herself like Yazhini. Just then office staff come there to wish Kavin and Yazhini. Saradha asks Venba to congratulate them. Venba says she will wish them latter as her colleague will question her why she didn’t come to college. Saradha says she should enjoy the life when she’s still young. Venba sadly looks at Kavin.

The episode ends.