Chithi 18th October 2020 Written Update: Yazhini starts having doubts about Kavin, Venba

Chithi 18th October 2020 Written Update 20th on

The episode begins with Kavin telling that Yazhini couldn’t participate in the competition with a fractured leg. Dharma suggests to make Venba participate in Yazhini’s place. Yazhini agrees. Dharma asks Yazhini to talk to Saradha about it. Yazhini thinks she is confused since few days regarding Venba and Kavin and thinks maybe it’s an opportunity to clear her confusion.

The anchors welcome Deeba, Kalai on the stage. The couple introduces themselves and telld they had a love marriage and have a kid. The judge Vinodhini asks Deeba what she likes most in her husband. Deeba replies she likes everything in Kalai.

Kavin takes Venba to Saradha. Yazhini tells she can’t participate in the competition. Kavin tells she fell down as her hills got broken and fractured her leg. Saradha worries and makes Yazhini to sit on the chair. Kavin, Yazhini requests Saradha to permit Venba to participate in the place of Yazhini to save Kavin’s company’s reputation.

The anchors call Nandhini Anbu on the stage. Nandhini tells she is confident that they will win the title. The anchors ask them to get ready.

Yazhini requests Saradha saying this competition is very important for Mallika and if they don’t participate, Mallika may get angry. Venba says she’s not in mood to participate in any competition, but Saradha asks Venba to participate for Yazhini. Kavin, Yazhini go to inform the manager about the change. The anchors calls other 2 couples on the stage and give their intro. Then they give long introduction for Kavin and calls Kavin, Venba on the stage. Anbu, Nandhini, Kalai, Deeba get shocked hearing Venba’s name. Kavin, Venba come to the stage. When the judges question if they are ready for the competition, Venba replies with no saying her brothers are participating in this competition and she wants them to win. She didn’t expect she will stand here. The judges get impressed and appreciates her honest answer.

The anchors announce the first round task, cooking. The female contestants should cook something with the given ingredients and the male contestants should find the dish made by their respective partners. The one who find his partner’s dish in less time will be announced as winner.

All female contestants start cooking. Nandhini struggles to cook as she doesn’t know to cook. After sometime the judges say time out. The anchors call the male contestants one by one, first they call Kalai. The latter tastes the dishes one by one and finds correctly Deeba’s dish. The anchors then call Anbu who tastes all the dishes and struggles to find Nandhini’s dish. Judges says time up. Nandhini glared at Anbu. The 3rd contestant finds correctly his partner’s dish while the 4th one choose the wrong dish. Finally the anchors call Kavin who finds Venba’s dish within 15 seconds. Yazhini thinks in mind even married couple couldn’t find the correct dish but Kavin has found Venba’s dish very easily and suspects there’s something between them. When judges question Kavin how he has found Venba’s dish easily, Kavin says he never tasted Venba’s dish but he knows Venba’s way of working as he saw her arranging her table’s files neetly. The judges praise Venba, Kavin pair and announce them as winner of the cooking round.

Mallika calls Dharma to know how the competition is going. Dharma tells her that Yazhini’s leg was fractured and she asked Venba to participate in the competition in her place and Kavin, Venba win the 1st round. Mallika gets irritated and scols Dharma to get happy for Venba winning the competition and cuts the call. She calls Deveraj and asks him to meet her.

Deeba, Kalai are practicing their dance steps for the next round. Otherside Nandhini is angry with Anbu for not finding her dish. He asks how he can find her dish, when she never cooked before. They start practicing their dance steps. Suddenly Anbu pulls Nandhini closer to him holding her shoulders. Nandhini lightly pushes him and asks to practice the steps correctly. In Venba, Kavin’s room, Kavin plays Yaar Intha Muyal Kutti song in his mobile and forwards his hand. Venba holds his hand and both start dancing.

Nandhini meets Gomathinayaga and asks him to prevent Venba from participating in the dance round.

Kavin, Venba are moving along with the rhythm of the song. When Kavin moves his face closer to Venba’s face, the latter pushes him. She recalls Yazhini requesting her to participate in her place. They hear anchors calling the contestants to the stage through the mike.

Gomathinayaga questions if Anbu can perform well. Nandhini says they have choosen a romantic song. She says they aren’t living separately and for this dance round she has let him come closer to her, so she believes he will perform well. Gomathinayaga assures her that he will do his best to stop Venba.

The episode ends.