Chithi 18th October 2021 Written Update: Kavin meets Venba in the jail

Chithi 18th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin getting doubtful on the watchman when he salutes him suddenly. At the police station the inspector enquires Venba. The latter cries and begs to believe that she hasn’t stolen the necklace. The inspector refuses to believe Venba. Devaki comes there and says to put Venba behind the bars soon. The inspector asks her to say from when she’s working there. Venba says that since a month. The inspector taunts Venba saying that she has stolen the jewel in the sort period that she started work there. Venba denies the allegation.

The inspector asks who else than her in the house can steal the necklace. She asks if the old couple or Kavin did it Venba denies. The inspector raise her stick to hit Venba, but Kavin shouts stop. Kavin defends Venba and tries to convince the inspector that Venba is innocent. Devaki and the inspector ask Kavin why he defends her and doubts if they’re together in this theft. Kavin thinks that if he reveals that they’re husband and wife, it will complicated the problem more and will hurt the feelingsof Natraj and Subulakshmi, who trusted them, so he decided to hide the truth. He says that they’re working in the same place, so he’s supporting Venba.

The inspector refuses to listen to him and asks the constable to make Venba sit in the jeep to take to the court. Kavin pleads with the constable and gets permission to talk to Venba. He assures her that he will save her. Venba says that someone, who knows about everything and have access to come in that house did this. Kavin agrees. The inspector arrives and says Kavin to go away.

Natraj and Subulakshmi argues over Venba. Natraj says that they would not have abandoned Venba, if she was their daughter. Subulakshmi says that they would have done same as all evidence are against Venba. Natraj says that Subulakshmi’s heart has harden because of her lawyer profession. He doesn’t believe in the evidence, but believes his gut feelings and it says that Venba is innocent, so he’s going to support her. The watchman hears this and tries to stop Natraj saying that Venba and Kavin knew each other from longtime and Kavin and Venba came and left together. Subulakshmi says that if what watchman saying is true, they’re hiding something from them. However Natraj stays firm in his decision of supporting Venba, so Subulakshmi decides to accompany him. The watchman gets worried that Subulakshmi will find his truth if she takes this case in her hand.

Kavin asks the constable about Venba. The constable says that the judge asked to put Venba in the jail for enquiry. Kavin wonders how judge can easily put Venba in the jail. Natraj and Subulakshmi arrive there. Kavin says that Venba is put in the jail and adds that she’s innocent. Natraj asks why he talks as if he knows Venba very well. Kavin lies that she got to know Venba by working with her. Subulakshmi asks how it’s possible that Venba didn’t see the necklace in her bag until police arrives.

Kavin asks if she doubts Venba. Subulakshmi says that she’s a lawyer and she can’t act emotionally like them and has to think according the proof. Kavin says that if Venba wants to steal the jewels, she could have stolen Subulakshmi’s jewelries as she would have got, why she would steal Devaki’s jewelry knowing that she can caught. Subulakshmi thinks. She decides to make arrangements to meet Venba first. Kavin, Subulakshmi and Natraj come to the prison. Kavin goes to meet Venba as Natraj and Subulakshmi don’t have courage to face Venba.
Venba breaks down on seeing Kavin. They both have an emotional conversation.

The episode ends.