Chithi 19th May 2022 Written Update: Yazhini meets Kaniyan.

Chithi 19th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parvati meeting with Sangavi and says about getting back Kavin and Venba’s trust. Sangavi is still scared about the theft but Parvati says that it wasn’t them who stole the money. She says that it’s Mallika and Yazhini who are responsible and they don’t need to worry. Parvati says that they should stop working for Mallika as they got the documents and soon will be living in the house. Sangavi says that they should help them till Yazhini marries Kavin as then only they will release her father. She says that once her father gets released then they all can live in the house. Without Kavin Venba is nothing and it’s easy to send her away too. Parvati agrees to help Mallika till Kavin marries Yazhini.

Dharma and Gowri are excited for bride seeing ceremony while Gowri is tensed with Josiyar’s words. Mallika asks what it is and Gowri says nothing. Yazhini doesn’t like anything happening around her. She says Mallika that she can’t pretend to be a bride in front of anyone except Kavin. Mallika says it’s difficult for her too but all this have to happen for her to marry Kavin. Yazhini agrees having no option. Kavin and Venba comes to the house but stays out due to the challenge. Mallika and Yazhini were pissed off and Mallika suggests yo keep the ceremony in garden. They all agree while Mallika again pretends sick. They all are sick.

Kaniyan and his mother meets with everyone and everyone introduces each other. Gowri goes in to bring Yazhini who doesn’t like any of it but Gowri convinces her. Yazhini is presented in front of everyone and both Kaniyan and his mother likes her. Yazhini identifies him with their earlier incident. They all gets happy. Kaniyan wants to speak in private with Yazhini and goes with her. He ads for her consent and Yazhini agrees recalling Mallika’s words. Wedding gets fixed and Venba wants to do it as soon as possible due to surgery. They all agree to conduct the wedding in temple.