Chithi 19th November 2020 Written Update : Saradha gets emotional

Chithi 20th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin’s office staff entering the venue dancing. They go to congratulate the couple. Saradha asks Venba to go and wish them. Saradha advises Venba to enjoy the life without overthinking. Saradha searches for Shanmugam to show Kavin’s mom. One of the staff starts speaking through the microphone. She says they are going to give a gift to the guests. Kavin will kiss his would be wife in front of all. Kavin and Venba get shocked while everyone cheers for the couple. Kavin says he won’t kiss. The staff insist Kavin.

Everyone starts shouting asking Kavin to kiss Yazhini. One of the staff pushes Kavin, who places his lips on Yazhini’s cheek. Yazhini blushes smiling whereas Venba starts crying. Then Yazhini holds Kavin’s chin and plants a kiss on his cheek. Venba keeps crying. Kavin notices it and feels bad. Mallika, Gowri and Saradha are happy whereas Dharma is angry. He goes to call the staff to have food. They say one more task remains, Kavin should lift Yazhini and twirls.

Kavin says he can’t. He asks Yazhini to make them understand. She says they are determined and asks him to do as they ask. Kavin lifts and her and twirls around. Venba can’t take it anymore and gets up to leave, but Saradha holds her hand and makes her sit back. She says she saw all this only in cinema and for the first time seeing in real life. She asks Venba to see. The staff give their gift to Kavin and Yazhini and leave.

Saradha admires Yazhini, who is smiling and gets emotional. Venba asks what happened. Saradha says her happiness is expressed through her tears. Venba reassures Saradha saying Yazhini’s marriage will happen as she wishes. Saradha says she became closer to Yazhini in short span of time. She adds Her daughter should get all the happiness. Venba looks on shocked. Saradha says she’s talking about Yazhini. Venba says she considers everyone has her own kids and wishes for their happiness. Saradha says she prays that the smile on her daughter’s (Yazhini’s) face never fades away. She asks Venba also to pray for the same. Just then Sevandhi comes there. She calls Venba to talk, but the latter refuses to come.

Suddenly Saradha leaves the place. Venba and Sevandhi go searching for her. They find Saradha standing in a corner crying. Venba goes to Saradha. She asks what happened. Saradha says nothing. Venba asks then why she’s crying. Saradha says sadness and happiness, both are expressed through tears. Venba looks at her confused. Saradha adds she started liking Yazhini. Venba says there’s nothing wrong in it. Saradha says she has lot of wishes like inviting the couple to the dinner, buy new clothes for them… She cries asking but who she’s to do all this. She feels like it’s her own family function. Venba says if they will call Kavin and Yazhini for the lunch, they will definitely come and there’s nothing wrong. Saradha caresses Venba’s cheek saying she has pure heart, she should always remain like this. Saradha sends Yazhini back to the function. Later Saradha cries her heart out merging her back at the wall.

The episode ends.