Chithi 19th October 2020 Written Update: Kavin, Venba win the title of best couple 2020

Chithi 19th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with couples practicing their dance steps in their respective room. The second round starts. The anchors call Deeba, Kalai for the first performance. They dance for the song Rose Rose.

Deveraj reaches the hotellong with a woman. He gaves her a poison bottle and instructs her to mix it in Venba’s juice.

Next the anchors call Anbu, Nandhini to perform. Venba prays for Anbu, Nandhini win this round. They dance for the song Takkunu, Takkunu. The anchors appreciate their performance. Anbu thanks Nandhini, but the latter asks not to take advantage of the situation to get closer to her. The woman sent by Deveraj stumbles and falls when she was searching for Venba.

 Saradha helps her to get up. She shares with Yazhini that the woman is drunken. He woman stops the lady waiter who is taking cool drinks and takes her to corner. She uses chloroform to make her unconscious. She dress up as waiter and mixes poison in the juice and gave it Venba.

When Venba is about to drink the juice, Saradha stops her. She calls the waiter and asks to bring coffee. When the waiter insists Venba to drink juice, Saradha takes her to a room. Saradha finds the original waiter unconscious on the bed. Saradha understands it’s Mallika’s plan and asks the woman to call Mallika. Saradha tells she spoiled her plan of killing Venba and warnd her.

Yazhini tells Saradha that her leg pain is unbearable and wants to go home. Saradha places her leg on her knees and massages. Yazhini gets emotional she misses her mom who is in hospital. Saradha assures she will get well soon.

The anchors call Kavin, Venba on the stage to give their performance. Gomathinayaga had spread broken glass pieces on the steps, Venba steps on glasses and winces in pain. Kavin, Saradha, Deeba gets worried for Venba. Kavin insists to go to the hospital, but Venba refuses. They start dancing for the song Yaar inda puyal kutti. When Venba feels pain, Kavin lifts her up. Everyone appreciates Kavin, Venba’s performance. The anchors announce Venba, Kavin as winner of the second round and Nandhini, Anbu as runner up.

The third round starts. The anchors say they will cover their eyes with a black cloth and they have to place the rose correctly on their pairs head. First they cover Anbu’s eyes, Anbu fails to identify Nandhini and loses. Kavin notices the goons who had kidnapped Venba sitting among the croud. He calls Saradha and tells about it. He tells her in which row they are sitting and says they came to kidnap Venba again.

Saradha notices them and tells she will take care of them as asks Kavin not to worry. Next anchors cover Kalai’s eyes who finds Deeba and places red rose on hair. Finally the anchors cover Kavin’s eyes with the black cloth and asks him to find his pair. The anchors confuses Kavin intentionally, but Kavin finds Venba and places the rose on Venba’s hair. The anchors appreciate Kavin.

When the goon starts leaving the hall, Dharma and Saradha notice them and follow them. Saradha overhears the goon talking to Mallika and their plan to shoot Venba. The goons are waiting for Venba on the steps. Saradha calls Venba and asks her to go inside the lift. The goons comes there searching for Venba. Saradha fools the goon and locks them inside a room.

When she goes and sits on her place. Yazhini tells her leg is paining. Saradha asks if she can massage her leg. When Yazhini hesitates, Saradha says she considers her as her daughter. Yazhini gets emotional.

The goons come out, when a waiter opens the room door hearing some noices. On the otherside the anchors invite the judges to the stage to announce winner’s name. The judges announce Kavin and Venba as the winner of the best jodi 2020 competition. The anchors congratulate Kavin, Venba.

The goon points the gun towards Venba and is about to shout Mallkia comes with Security Guards and stops them. The goons run away. The judges give the trophy and the price check to Venba, Kavin. When anchors question how he had find Venba correctly in the third round, he says his inner voice guided him towards her. When anchors question him lifting Venba while dancing, Kavin says Venba was already in pain so he doesn’t want her to feel more pain so he lifted her up. Yazhini looks on sad hearing Kavin.

The episode ends.