Chithi 19th October 2021 Written Update: Venba has hard time in the jail

Chithi 19th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavin meeting Venba in the jail. Venba cries her on seeing him. She says that she can stay here and pleads with him to get her out. Kavin consoles her and assures to get her out.He asks her to answer his questions after thinking. Kavin asks what time she kept the bag in the cupboard. Venba thinks and says that it could be around noon. Kavin says that Nandhini and her boss came to Subulakshmi’s house around 11am. Nandhini is their only enemy, but she hasn’t come back there again and wonders who put the necklace in her bag. Venba says that she’s also confused about the same. Kavin asks who else knows the key’s location.

Venba says that apart her only Natraj and Subulakshmi know about it. Kavin says that whoever did is their enemy, so that person put the necklace in her bag and wonders who did it. Venba asks if Natraj and Subulakshmi also believe that she stole the necklace. Kavin says that Natraj doesn’t think so, but Subulakshmi is confused. Venba cites hard and says that she can’t blame Subulakshmi, anyone in her place would act like that. The constable says that it’s time for Venba to return to her cell Venba asks Kavin to eat properly. Kavin also says the same and assures that he will get her out. Venba is dragged away.

Yazhini meets Nandhini and happily twirls her saying that she sent Venba to jail and won without anyone’s help. Nandhini says that she hasn’t completely removed Venba from her way. Kavin will save Venba. Yazhini says that she won’t let that happen and trouble Venba more and she can go to any extent to keep Venba inside the jail. Nandhini says that if Anbu and Gowri learns about this, they will save Venba. Gowri will hire a big lawyer for Venba. Yazhini says that Anbu and Gowri should not know about this. She asks Nandhini to hide it from Anbu while she will keep this away from Gowri. Yazhini says that Venba can at least get 10 years punishment for theft and cheating. She will marry Kavin till that and rejoices over her victory. Nandhini thinks that Yazhini is overconfident and says it’s not good for her and decides to break her overconfidence.

The jail warden beats Venba and asks yo get the food. Venba gets vomiting sensation as the cell isn’t clean. She cries recalling Kavin feeding her the food. She says that Kavin can’t do any work by himself and he always needs her and wonders how Kavin will manage everything alone. Other hand Kavin comes back home buying dinner, but he doesn’t feel to eat. He hallucinates Venba asking him to eat. Both Kavin and Venba miss each other and cry hard.

The morning Venba cleans the garden. She sees Ganapati idol and prays to God to help Kavin to find a way to bail her out. The jailer sees Venba and recognizes that she’s Saradha’s doctor. She has some enmity with Saradha and decides to take revenge on Venba. She shouts at Venba to work properly and leaves. The neighborhood women come to Kavin and asks him to vacate the place shocking Kavin.

The episode ends.