Chithi 1st October 2020 Written Update: Saradha gives her resignation letter

Chithi 1st October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandhini calling Yazhini. She introduces herself as Venba’s sister-in law. Yazhini recalls Gowri telling Nandhini to instigated her against Venba. Gowri asks who is in call. Yazhini tells Nandhini, Venba’s sister-in-law. Yazhini asks to speak Nandhini. The congratulates Yazhini and tells Venba loves Kavin and she is going to propose him. She advised her it’s wrong but she didn’t listen her. She called to alert her.

Yazhini thanks Nandhini and tells she won’t let it happen and cuts the call. Gowri asks what happened and why she became serious. Yazhini laughs and says she acted. Venba is a good girl and Kavin and Venba are good friends. Nandhini spoils Venba’s name to take revenge on her. She asks Gowri not to trust anyone who speaks ill of Venba. Yazhini says she understands Venba and Kavin’s friendship. Gowri says only her daughter happiness matters for her.

Kavin comes out washroom. He notices his room is changed. He questions his servant, who comes to give him coffee, who changed things in his room. The servant says Yazhini did and just now she went down happily since tomorrow is her engagement. Kavin says he can’t do engagement with Yazhini, having Venba in his heart. He decides to tell the truth to Yazhini.

Yazhini, Gowri and Mallika are selecting dress for Kavin. Yazhini selects a shirt. Kavin comes there. Yazhini asks if he likes her selection. Kavin thinks in mind his selection is different and he should tell it today. Kavin asks Mallika and Gowri’s permission to talk with Yazhini in private. Gowri and Mallika tells Yazhini to go.

Kavin tells he doesn’t love her and he loves Venba and wants to marry her. Yazhini cries. Whenever he tried to tell her the truth, she misunderstood him. He likes her but not the way she thinks. He asks her to stop this marriage since it won’t give her any happiness. Yazhini asks holding his shirt what he is telling. He says he loves Venba and asks her to help them to unite.

Yazhini falls unconscious. Kavin holds her screaming her name.Yazhini asks what he wants to talk. Kavin comes to the reality and realizes he was dreaming. He lies nothing. Yazhini says she knows he doesn’t want to talk to her but wanted to ask her something. She kisses him on cheek and goes happily downstairs. Mallika asks what Kavin said she is so happy. Yazhini says not to ask her, but she is happy. Kavin also comes there. Mallika says she is happy to see Kavin’s love for her. She is sure he will take good care of her after their marriage.

Yazhini says she has a surprise for Kavin and goes to bring it. She comes and asks Kavin to close his eyes and forward his hand. He does so. She makes him wear a golden bracelet. She asks how it is. Kavin remains quite. She insts to tell him ok. He says ok. Mallika says she will be happy if they are happy. Yazhini asks Mallika to give 10% increment for all the staffs in their institution, as tomorrow is her engagement.

Dharma is against Yazhini’s idea, but Mallika says it’s a good idea. Yazhini’s takes the phone to call Saradha and tell her about it. Dharma grabs the phone and throws it on the floor. He angrily says not to involve everyone in every matter and leaves. Yazhini cries. Mallika consoles her.

Yazhini is pacing back and forth. She cries and recalls how Dharma avoided her and removed her hands every time she hugged him, and held his hand. She talks to Dharma and Gowri photo and asks what’s her mistake, why he started dislike her suddenly. She says he is her everything and questions why he avoids her. That time Saradha comes to her cabin. She notices Yazhini sad and questions what happened. Yazhini says nothing. Saradha gives her resignation.

Yazhini gets shocked and tries to convince her to change her decision, but Saradha is firm in her decision. Mallika and Dharma come there. Yazhini goes to Mallika and tells Saradha is resigning since she thinks they didn’t take any action against her complaint. She requests Mallika to convince Saradha that they will sorted out everything and change her decision. Mallika asks Yazhini and Dharma to wait outside for sometime, as she wanted to talk with Saradha.

The episode ends.