Chithi 2: Kavin and Venba’s happy moment

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Sun TV’s much-loved show Chithi 2 is getting interesting with every episode. Currently, viewers are witnessing that Venba and Kavin left Mallika’s house and living in a separate house for rent.

In the previous episode, it was seen that Venba and Kavin decided to invite Gowri for the house warming ceremony. Venba phoned Gowri for the same. Mallika and Yazhini overheard their conversation. They argued with Gowri and threatened to commit suicide if she attend Venba and Kavin house warming ceremony. Gowri agreed to not go without any option.

Kavin and Ravi made all the arrangements for the puja. Venba liked the arrangements. Kavin and Venba became sad that neither their neighbors has come nor Gowri. Suddenly Shivani, her parents and the neighbors came there. Kavin and Venba got elated. The neighbors brought dishes to place in the puja.

Venba was about to light the lamp but a photo frame fell over the lamp breaking it. Venba got shocked on seeing this. The neighbors told them that this was a bad omen which made them feel bad. Kavin and Venba looked worried about what to do.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Anbu will find Kavin and Venba’s location and will come to see them. He would bring a lamp with him. Venba will get glad seeing this and will use that lamp and will complete the puja.

Later Mallika and Yazhini will find Kavin’s whereabouts and will come there. Mallika will vow to ruin Kavin and Venba’s happiness. Other hand Venba says that they’ve started living independently and no one can snatch it away from them. Venba and Kavin will share some light and romantic moments together.

What will be Mallika’s new plan against Kavin and Venba? How Kavin and Venba will tackle it?

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