Chithi 2: Mallika to take a stand for Kavin when he gets humiliated

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Sun TV’s much loved show Chithi2 gained more popularity with Kavina and Venba’s marriage. The show is currently focusing on the couple struggling to win the challenge gave by Kavin’s mother, Mallika.

In the last episode it was shown that Mallika offered a deal to Sowmiya. Mallika asked Soumiya frame Venba in theft. Mallika said that she will give Soumiya five lakhs in return. However Soumiya revealed Mallika’s evil intention to Venba. The latter lashed out at Mallika. The latter was confident that Kavin will loss in the challenge while Venba firmly said that they will win.

Raavi took Kavin to a jewelry shop to get hik a salesman job there. The owner hesitated to appoint Kavin after knowing Kavin is well educated. Kavin assured him that he’s willing to do the salesman job. The owner accepted to appoint Kavin. The owner told that he disrespects his staffs by calling them with names and he should tolerate it. Kavin agreed.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Mallika and Yazhini will visit the jewelry shop where Kavin works as employee. Mallika and Yazhini will get shock on seeing Kavin there. The owner of the shop will be continuously insulting Kavin which will result in Mallika slapping the shop owner. The latter will get shock. Mallika will say how he dared to mistreat Kavin, does he knows who Kavin is, Kavin will get irriated.

Does Mallika really love her son or it’s again her another drama? What will Kavin do now? Will Kavin lose his job because of Mallika’s act?

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