Chithi 2: Saradha promises to fulfill Yazhini’s desires

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Sun TV’s popular daily soap Chithi is back with season 2 and it didn’t fail to entertain its audience since the first episode. The show is all set to get more interesting in the upcoming episodes.

The show’s story revolves around Saradha, a teacher, and her family.

Previously it was seen that Kavin, Yazhini, Mallika and Dharma went to the temple to place 1st wedding card in front of Goddesses and do puja. While the priest doing deebaratanei to the Goddess, a drop of fire fell on the marriage invitation and it caught fire. Mallika and Yazhini were shocked. Mallika scolded the priest for his carelessness, but the priest told Goddess wanted to convey that there’s some obstacle for Kavin, Yazhini’s marriage, and asked them to listen to Goddess. Mallika determinedly told no one can stop the marriage. A man who observed everything suggested them to meet a Sithar who lives in that temple.

In the upcoming promo, Saradha tells that she is going to meet her daughter(Yazhini) whom she has been searching for for long time. As a mother, she couldn’t fulfill her responsibilities. She tells her she wants that Yazhini gets what she desires for. She promises that she will make sure that Yazhini’s desire get fulfilled.

How Saradha will come to know that Yazhini is her biological daughter? What will Saradha do if she gets to know Kavin loves Venba and they are married? Will she support her biological daughter Yazhini or her adoptive daughter Venba? Will Saradha able to keep her promise of fulfilling her daughter’s (Yazhini’s) wish?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favourite show Chithi 2, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.