Chithi 2: Will Kavin get back his money?

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Sun TV ‘s popular hit show Chitthi 2 never fails to engage audience with its interesting twists and turns. The show currently focuses on Mallika pretending to be sick while Kavin and Venba planning for Yazhini’s marriage. Earlier its seen that Kavin and Venba doubted Parvati. Now it will be seen that Kavin and Venba will check Parvati’s phone.

Previously we have seen that, Parvati shared with Yazhini about everyone finding a groom for her. Venba and Kavin checked bank CCTV footage to find out about the lady who stole their money. Venba identified her as the one who was speaking with Parvati in temple and got confused. Venba suspected Parvati for taking the money and shared it with Kavin. Venba asked Kavin to keep a watch on Parvati while she spoke with her and then notice her when she was gone. Kavin spotted Parvati crying helpless in front of Venba and laughing hard once Venba left. He showed it to Venba and they both got shocked.

In the future episodes we will witness, Kavin and Venba will check Parvati’s phone at midnight and will find her having her mother’s picture in it. Venba will get shocked seeing it to be the same person who stole their money.

Will Mallika succeed in her plan? Will Kavin and Venba realize Mallika’s truth?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Chitthi 2, stay tuned to this space.