Chithi 2: Will Yazhini stop Gowri and Venba from knowing the truth?

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Sun TV ‘s popular hit show Chitthi 2 never fails to engage audience with its interesting twists and turns. The show currently focuses on Mallika pretending to be sick while Kavin and Venba planning for Yazhini’s marriage. Earlier its seen that Yazhini felt guilty towards. Now it will be seen that Gowri to get doubtful about Venba being her daughter.

Previously we have seen that, Mallika and Yazhini pretended to give their nod for Yazhini’s wedding and planned to make Kavin the groom at last moment. Unaware of their cruel plan Kavin and Venba fixed Yazhini’s marriage with Kaniyan who was fond of Yazhini. Kavin felt bad as Yazhini was not much into the marriage and made situations that could make Kaniyan a hero in front of Yazhini’s eyes. Yazhini felt guilty for cheating Kaniyan buy also couldn’t accept anyone except Kavin. Gowri was confused whether Venba is her daughter.

In the future episodes we will witness, Dharma will visit temple to do pooja on Venba’s name and Yazhini and Mallika will watch it hiding. While he leaves to party, Kavin and Venba will come to the same temple and will again do pooja for Venba’s name with same rasi and Nakshatram. Priest will say it to Venba and Venba will be sure that it’s her father. Both Yazhini and Gowri will get shocked hearing that.

Will Mallika succeed in her plan? Will Kavin and Venba realize Mallika’s truth? Will Gowri learn that Venba is her daughter?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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