Chithi 20th April 2021 Written Update: Venba learns about Kavin’s twin brother Navin

Chithi 20th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Navin saying that his mother’s love is enough for him and smiles. Yazhini finds that Kavin is acting differently and tells that Kavin doesn’t smile like this. Mallika asks Yazhini to stop bothering his son. Navin thinks it’s better he goes to Kavin’s room. He goes upstairs and hopes to find the correct room. Meanwhile Mallika tells Yazhini that Kavin is still angry with Venba and Yazhini should use this opportunity to trap him.

Kavin sees that no one is in the hall and slowly sneaks in. He’s is about to climb the steps. He stops hearing Mallika calling out Kavin. Mallika asks what he’s doing here and why he changed his dress. Kavin gives some excuses. Gowri and Yazhini come there. Yazhini says that Kavin is upset with Venba, so he may not have wanted to stay with Venba in one room and may have decided to go out. Mallika is still confused. Yazhini asks Kavin to go.

Navin by mistake goes into Yazhini’s room. When he realizes that he’s in a room wrong, he decides to leave, but Gowri comes there. She asks what he’s doing here and asks if he’s not going out. Navin gives an excuse. Gowri advises Kavin (Navin) to talk to Venba and sort out their problem. Navin agrees and walks out of the room.

Other side Venba is crying in front of God’s photograph and asks God to bring Kavin back to her. Just then Navin comes there. Venba takes him for Kavin and apologizes to him. She goes close to hug him, but Navin steps back. Venba realizes that he’s not Kavin and asks who he’s. Kavin comes there. Venba runs to Kavin and says that someone, who is his look alike and entered the room and asks him to call the police. Kavin reveals that Navin is his twin brother and he met him in the beach. His mom hid this truth from him. Navin has come to meet Mallika after 25 years. Navin tells how their parents got separated. Kavin says that Navin will spend some time with their mom and he will stay in this room. Kavin then tells Navin not to talk to Venba as she only knows to lie. He scolds Venba. When Navin tries to calm Kavin down, Kavin asks him to mind his own business. Kavin angrily walks away. Navin decides to help to reconcile Kavin and Venba.

Mallika and Yazhini have a discussion about how to take advantage of Kavin’s anger for Venba and trap him. Mallika asks Yazhini to call Kavin for lunch. Gowri overhears them and doesn’t like what Yazhini is doing.

Other side, Navin is surprised that Venba correctly found out that he’s not Kavin and asks Venba about the same. Venba says that she can recognize her husband. She says that Kavin uses only Jasmine flavored perfume as she likes Jasmine, but Navin’s perfume smell is different that helped her to know that he’s not Kavin. Navin praises Venba’s smartness. Kavin asks him to speak slowly and not to use left hand. Venba learns that Navin speaks fastly and he’s left handed. Someone knocks on the door and the trio get tensed.

The episode ends.