Chithi 20th February 2021 Written Update: Kavin and Vena are worried for Mallika

Chithi 20th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yazhini telling that Mallika’s body is becoming cold. She gets concerned. Mallika assures that she’s fine. Otherside Kavin and Venba sharing a romantic moment while Macha Kanni song plays in the background. They play throwing rose petals over eack other. Gowri, Mallika and Yazhini fume hearing the music playing in Kavin and Venba’s room. Suddenly Mallika faints. Gowri and Yazhini tries to wake her up. Yazhini rubs her palm. Gowri asks Yazhini to call Kavin.

Yazhini rushes upstairs. She shouts asking Kavin to open the door. She says his mom isn’t well. Kavin ignores Yazhini’s shouts. Venba insists Kavin to go and check. Kavin comes out and scolds Yazhini for disturbing them. Yazhini says Mallika has fainted and they don’t know what to do. She then asks him to see himself if he doesn’t believe her. Venba and Kavin rushes downstairs. Kavin asks Mallika to stop her drama and gets up. Venba rubs Mallika’s palm and says she is really not well, her hands are cold. Kavin checks her hands and gets worried. They take her to the hospital.

In the car, Venba keeps asking Mallika to open her eyes. Kavin asks how she will open her eyes when she’s unconscious. Venba says it’s advised to keep talking to the unconscious person so that he/she doesn’t completely lose the consciousness. She asks Kavin to drive fast. They reach the hospital. The nurse, who injected Mallika, informs the doctor that she has injected her friend Mallika, as she asked he to do so. Doctor takes Mallika inside the ward asking them to wait outside.

The doctor asks the nurse what drug she injected in Mallika’s body. The nurse tells her about everything happened in Mallika’s house. The doctor scolds the nurse and warns her not to repeat it. She starts treating Mallika. Venba prays in front of God for Mallika’s recovery. Yazhini also prays in heart to save Mallika, who took such a huge risk for her. Mallika slowly gains consciousnes. The doctor, who is Mallika’s friend, announces that she’s fine now. Mallika says she knows her son will admit her in this hospital, so she asked the nurse to inject her. The doctor asks the nurse to go outside. She asks why she did like that.

Mallika says to stop her son’s first night. Her friend asks for how long she can stop their first night. Mallika says she has already stopped their first night in the past 7 days continuously, she will keep doing the same in the upcoming days. Her friend says she can’t take this injection daily as it’s risky. She asks her to think practically. Mallika says Venba doesn’t deserve to live with Kavin. She will throw out of the house and will unite Yazhini and Kavin. Her friend asks what she should tell her son now. Mallika thinks. She asks her friend to lie to Kavin that she got a mild heart attack.

The doctor announces her family like Mallika asked to lie. Kavin and Venba get shocked. Yazhini blames Venba for Mallika’s condition. Venba requests her not to say like that. Kavin scolds Yazhini. Venba requests the doctor to save her anyhow. The doctor advises Kavin to look after Mallika the whole night and leaves. Venba cries saying she’s scared. Kavin hugs and consoles her while Yazhini and Gowri fume.

The episode ends.