Chithi 20th November 2020 Written Update: Kavin’s letter gets in Mallika’s hand

Chithi 20th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Saradha crying remembering Yazhini asking if she can call her mom. Venba asks Sevandhi if she understands the intensity of the matter and how serious Saradha is regarding Yazhini’s marriage. She asks to convince Kavin to marry Yazhini, as what he wants is never going to happen.

Sevandhi tries to convince in Vain. Venba leaves saying marriages are decided in heaven. Ravi overhears Venba and Sevandhi. Later Ravi and Sevandhi discuss how they will send Venba to London, when she’s doesn’t agree with Kavin’s plan.

Sevandhi says if she  doesn’t agree they will kidnap her. Mallika is talking in phone call. She collides with a waiter, who pours juice on her dress. Mallika scolds him and leaves. The waiter takes the plate that’s fell down and leaves. The letter written by kavin is left there.

Gowri takes Mallika aside and says she warned Yazhini not to speak to Saradha, but now that Saradha is behaving as it’s her daughter’s marriage, she performs all marraige rituals standing in the first row. Gowri complaints Mallika also doesn’t stop Saradha and Yazhini keeps calling Saradha mom. Mallika says she also doesn’t like all this but she is being patient as she doesn’t want to create any problem in her son’s marriage.

Gowri says she doesn’t like at all what’s happening. Mallika says she will put an end for Saradha after the marriage. Gowri says she’s not able to understand her silence. Mallika says there’s a reason behind her every action and asks to trust her. Later Mallika shares with Dharma her frustration. She says she will show to Saradha who’s Mallika after her son’s marriage.

Saradha family go to congratulate Yazhini and Kavin which is not liked by Gowri and Mallika. Saradha admires Yazhini, who is happy that Saradha attend all her marriage functions. Nandhini indirectly taunts Venba asking Yazhini to keep Kavin safe as he’s handsome and girl will be waiting to snatch him. Venba gives a befitting reply to Nandhini saying if Yazhini keeps him close to her heart no one can snatch him from her. Yazhini says Venba learned to speak.

Sevandhi thinks in mind Kavin was telling truth Yazhini is also involved in Kavin’s plan. Saradha searches for Shanmugam  to take family photo. Just then Shanmugam comes with his two sons. Dharma sends Mallika to bring something so that she doesn’t see Shanmugam. Shanmugam says he’s happy to see Yazhini happy. They all take a pic together.

Nandhini is wandering on the corridor. She sees Kavin’s letter. She tries to pick it, but the wind blows it away. Letter falls near Mallika’s feet, who picks it up. Mallika reads the letter with a shocked expression. Nandhini says she has guessed there’s something big in the letter and apologizes for not informing her beforehand. Mallika says it’s a simple love letter that Kavin wrote for Yazhini. She has read it without knowing it.

She leaves saying she will give it to Yazhini. Mallika gives the letter to Yazhini saying she had found it on the floor. Yazhini apologizes saying Gowri stopped her before reading it and asks not to tell to Kavin as he may feel bad. Mallika leaves asking to read the letter later. Yazhini gives the letter to Gowri asking to place it savely in her room. Kavin gives money to Ravi which is observed by Dharma from upstairs.

The episode ends.